Black People : Fate, Dysfunction & Action.

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    I believe in Fate. not the magically kind on Tv.. but the kind that
    you make.. if your child is not a priority in your life, it will show in your
    child. Whatever demons (personal deficiencies) the parents have not
    worked their way through, will affect the children. The sins of the father /
    mother landing on the kids is not a mysterious biblical thing, it's a practical
    anecdote... if daddy is an alcoholic, then sonny will pay for it by being
    beholden to an alcoholic father. daddy's irresponsibility will affect his ability
    to give that child what he needs. If mom is unloving, then sonny will grow
    up without the love of his mother.. that's what it means. That is that child's
    fate. But it's not mystical, it's created by that child's parents actions which
    are inextricably bound to the circumstances those parents find themselves
    in.. a circumstance created partly by the actions of their own parents..
    that's how I believe dysfunction is indirectly passed down from generation
    to generation.. Each generation has an opportunity to break the cycle by
    recognizing and working through their own personal deficiencies for the
    purpose of positively affecting their circumstances. And by deficiencies I
    mean: emotional, physical, mental, social, financial, etc.. but to do that
    each person has to have an idea of what a healthy state of mind looks and
    feels like.

    Fate, then, is created by a combination of action and circumstance. The
    action part, we control, the circumstances we don't control, but can affect
    with our action. If this child's parents don't act on their concern for the
    child's education, then that child will, not be well educated. Caring is not
    enough. Care has to be acted upon to mean anything. But we can only act
    on what we have control or influence over. So our theories on what
    everyone else should do are only useful to the degree that they motivate
    us and others to act.