Black Short Stories : Fatal Attraction (Part 5)

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    da south............ATL

    I rushed passed every slow car that got in front of me on I-20. It could have been a police behind me at that moment and I would have stopped until I got to where I was going. I can't believe she's going to get rid of my baby like that without telling me. Not only am I mad because of that, I'm also mad because she had ample enough opportunitiy to tell me that she was carrying my seed the hundred times I called her ***. But did she answer? Nooooo, she let me apologize to the answering machine all hundred of those times.

    When Dr. Hamilton informed me that Neicey wasn't pregnant but he had indeed diagnosed informed the woman who went to the conference with me the day I met him that she WAS, I nearly went berserk. I definitely remembered that Felicia went with me that day because afterwards it was definitely a night to remember. LOL (*reminiscing*) But anyway, back to the point. He told me that she asked for references to abortion clinics. I thought our love went deeper than this. The fact that she wasn't planning on telling me cut like a knife because she knew that I always wanted kids and no matter what I would also take care of then whether we were together or not.

    There was only one abortion clinic that I was sure Felicia would pick. Felicia was high on ratings. She was a neat freak and there was no doubt in my mind that she would pick "Mount Vernon's Abortion Clinic" because they had the highest ratings in Georgia. I knew my baby and when I finally made it there I could see that I was right. Her car was parked on the far left of the parking lot all by itself.

    I parked closer to the door and I ran as fast as I could so that I could make it there in time.........and there she was.


    How in the hell did I get here? The air was dry and the women in the room all had blink faces like me. As I looked around I wondered were they having doubts like I was. There were five of us in the room. Four blacks and one white was there. I was so down that I almost wanted to cry. I didn't want them to go in and take what was inside me out but they had to. I didn't want to raise a child by myself.

    Termaine promised me, no he vowed, that he would never cheat on me. Mama always preached me to be faithful to my man but she never said what to do when they weren't faithful to you, so I did what came naturally, I retaliated. I wanted him to feel just as much pain as I did. Although this was hurting both of us the action in which I was doing I didn't care. I knew there was nothing in the world that Termaine wanted more than children so I was getting rid of it.

    I was just about to get up and walk to the restroom but when I looked up I saw that Termaine was at the door staring at me with an expression hard to put into words. It was one that was mixed with sadness, hatred, and plain out anger. I was scared. How did he find out? That was the first question that I thought about when I saw him. I sat back down in my seat and took a deep swallow to calm my nerves as he made his way over to me.

    "What are you doing here?" He asked when he sat down next to me talking through his teeth.

    "What do you mean? What does it look like?" I said nonchalantly.

    "It looks stupid as hell. Why didn't you tell me?" He said loudly and caused the other four ladies and the nurses to look as well. "It was Felicia huh? I knew she would do something like this." He said.

    "Hold on, don't bring her into this. That is my friend. She was there for me when you left me.....I mean US." I said as I patted my stomach.

    "She's not your friend." He said under his breath.

    "What? What you talking about Termaine?" I said like Gary Coleman on "Different Strokes."

    "She's not your friend Felicia. She's trying to break us up. She wants me back. I fooled with her two months before I asked you to marry me. She went crazy after that. That's why I tried never to be home when she was there. And that's why she always left the house when she knew I was coming home so she could mysteriously bump into outside on my way home."

    "Stop lying Termaine. You're just jealous." I said.

    "I'm not lying Felicia. Think about it." He said seriously.

    I looked at Termaine and I could tell that he was actually telling the truth. What? That heifer!!! I thought she was actually genuine in her actions. I'm usually correct when it comes to reading people. I can usually tell if a person is sincere or fraud in their actions. I was mad as he11. Not only had she fooled me but she was trying to steal my man.

    "And let me guess, that was her earring. And the only reason she wanted me to get rid of the baby was so she would hurt you." I finally said after looking back on the past events with her.

    Termaine said nothing. He only shook his head.

    "Oh baby, I'm so sorry. I should have trusted you." I said as I hugged him.

    He hugged me back.

    "Felicia Hanberry." The nurse called from her station.

    The other four women looked at us. Me and Termaine looked at each other and then I got up and grabbed him by the hand. Together we walked to the door as never looked back.


    Yeah, right about now she should be having it done. I thought to myself as I looked at my watch. I was just packing the last of my boxes and heading back to the southside. To me, my mission was accomplished. They were broken up. Now, he would be miserable and tired just like I was when he told me it was over. It will especially hurt him to find out that she got rid of his baby. Hahaha, she was so stupid. This job was as easy as the day I met him and seduced him in my bed. They're both stupid.

    "Come here Scooby. Come here. Let me put this on you baby."

    Scooby came over with his wagging tail and barking sounds as I picked him up. I unbuckled his collar and I put the letter I wrote Termaine on it. I was sure he was going to come over after Felicia told him that she had gotten rid of the baby. He would of course assume I told her to and come over. By then, I was going to be too far to be caught.

    I kissed the puppy I had gotten so close to and then I walked out the house and to my small convertiable with the last of my boxes. I waved to the moving truck telling them I was ready and they followed me to my new house.


    Me and Felicia rushed to Neicey's house like a bat out of hell. Felicia never bit her nails but she had biten almost all of them off on the drive to Felicia apartment. I almost hit every slow car in front of me on the drive because my nerves were a pure wreck as I made the drive to her place.

    When we got there Felicia didn't even wait for me to put the car in park. She had already unbuckled her seat belt and she just jumped out the car. I on the other hand had to put the car in park and then jump out. By this time Felicia was banging at the door like a mad woman and cursing.

    "Come on out here *****. I know you're in there. Come on out h0e." She yelled.

    I walked to the door and I could already hear scooby barking at the door. I put my ear to the door and I couldn't hear anything else. I tried the door knob out of curosity and to my surprisement it opened. Felicia looked at me and no doubt I looked at her too. I pushed the door open and I almost fell to my knees when I saw that there was nothing in there but the dog.

    "What the hell?" Felicia said as she walked in the door behind me.

    I looked at Scooby and he had a red bow on his neck, similar to the bow I had on his neck when I gave it to Neicey. There was also a white envelope addressed to me as well. I picked up Scooby and I took the envelope off his collar. I frantically opened it and this is what it said:

    Dear Termaine,

    You know, you should really learn how to treat a lady. You don't just date a woman and make her think she's your all only to leave her for another *****. That's not right and you know that's not right. You treated me so good when we were together. You treated me like a queen. What happened? I thought I did everything right. I fixed your dinner, washed your clothes, and I paid to get your car fixed when you didn't have dollar to your name. That ***** didn't do it.

    "Every player has it day" because as of now I bet you've heard Felicia has gotten rid of your baby. Yeah, that was my doing. Hahahaha, funny isn't it? It's also going to be funny when she gets home and find that she doesn't have anything in her house either. Yep, it's just as clean as this apartment. You really should watch whose emotions you play with because this could have been deadly like Lynn Whitfield in "Thin Line Between Love and Hate" had I not found out your ***** was pregnant before time. Anyway, I'm gone now. I've made you pay and just the thought of your expression when you read this is bring a smile to my face.

    Go to hell,
    Your belove Neicey

    I dropped to my knees when I read that. If I didn't know better I would have thought the devil was living on Earth and that I had just bumped heads with her. Now what was I going to do. I had a baby on the way and I also had to refurnish my old apartment. This was crazy. Although I knew I probably wouldn't see Neicey again I knew one day she would meet her match and hopefully for me it would be some time soon.

    Some time later.......................


    "What? When did this happen Aunt Christine?" I said one silent morning.

    Termaine woke up and instantly placed a worried expression on his face after he saw the tears begin to ride down my face. I had just found out my daddy had died. My daddy was a sweet man. He took me and Termaine in after the incident with Neicey. I was glad that daddy had decided to move to Atlanta shortly after we did just to be close to me. I was daddy's world. We hadn't always been as close as we were though. When I was younger, about six, I my daddy moved away. My mama and daddy had a big arguement about something and then he moved away. After my mama died when I was thirteen he took me in and we've been close ever since then.

    "What? What happened?" Termaine said as he wiped the crust out his eyes and held me.

    "He dead." I said almost in another world hoping that this was all just a dream.

    "Who's dead?" He asked dumbfounded.

    "My daddy." I said as I fell over and cried on his lap.

    "Aw, baby. It's going to be okay." He said as he rubbed my back.

    * * *

    The funeral was wonderful, especially the remake of Kirk Franklin's "Til We Meet Again" by the choir of the church. Their solos alone made me get through the sermon alone with a single tear. It acutally made me remember my favorite times with my daddy instead. I looked at every face as they hugged me after looking at my daddy's body at the front of the church. It had been years since I stepped feet in this church but I could still remember every face and lesson learned there very vividly.

    At the cemetary there wasn't a dry eye there. I was crying too and as I looked up I saw a woman on the far side of the cemetary look at the sermony. She had on all black and a black hat and vail as well. She was mysterious but I didn't pay her any mind soon I went back to the sermon. After the sermony was over Aunt Christine walked over to the lady and hugged her. I read her lips and it looked like she was thanking her for coming. I stood where I was after every one was gone and I picked another flower and put it on his casket. I stood there for a while and wish him a happy homegoing and when I looked up I could see Aunt Christine heading over with the lady. Termaine was sitting down waiting for me with Baby T in his arms giving me time alone with my father.

    "Felicia baby, I have something I need to tell you. This is your sister." She said.

    I didn't say anything. I just looked at her. I had yet to see her face but I knew this lady was not my sister.

    "Sister? I don't have a sister." I said with my lips trimbling with every word.

    "Yes you do dear. When your mother threw you father out when you were six it was because your father had another child by her mother. That's when he started to raise her. When your mother died he left her and he started raising you because you had no one else. You know how your father was in the army and he started to take more frequent trip when you were older......" She trealled off like she thought I got the point.

    "It was to see her." I said as I finished my statement.

    "Your father was a good man. He took care of his responsibilities. This both of your should know. He got both of you your first cars, he smiled every time both of you made honor roll. He was at every one of you all's graduation." She said.

    "But he lied." I said as I started to cry. "You lied to me daddy!" I said as I cried over his casket.

    "He lied to both of us." The women said.

    Right when she said that I knew who it was. I knew it was something about her that linked us together but after I found out what it was my heart went cold. Termaine's eyes went blood shot red and we were both in shock.

    I guess I was more in shock because I went straight for her neck. "She is no sister of mine auntie. She's the one that almost made me get rid of my baby!!!!!!! This trick almost caused me to get rid of my baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

    "Oh no dear child, don't do this. She's not worth it. She's your sister." Aunt Christine said as she tried to prow my hands off her neck.

    Termaine had put Baby T down in a chair and was pulling me by my waist. I wouldn't let go though. The hate had long fell off her head. Her face was turning purple and I still wouldn't let go. I was mad. All the anger that I should have taken out on my father was taken out on her. I held her neck tight as I could. People walking to their cars looked in surprisement. When I saw her turning blue though I let her go and she started coughing holding her neck.

    "You're right, she's not worth it." I said as I backed away from her keeping my eyes directed towards her.

    "Auntie, like I said though. She's no sister of mine." I picked up my baby and I walked away with Termaine directly following with his head down. I ignored all the strange stares of my known family and I didn't give a [email protected] what ran through their minds though. She was NOT my sister and I was not hers either!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The End.
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    this was hot when u drop a part to a great story
    keep'em coming sis.
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    I'm a Georgia Peach!!!!
    love the way its going down gurl. keep doing the thang. and i will defn. be here if the lord willing for me to read on.
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    this is good i like this
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    **** a crazy ending to crazy story dang I was a fan from begaining to end
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