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Feb 26, 2013
is there a safe place for me to post? i was trying to get ten posts up so i could post in the website owner forum. lol

You can post a usual post, such as this post, as much as you want, but posting new threads is limited to 5 so that the front page or home page isn't spammed and overwhelmed with certain content. I believe you've exceeded the limit as it is, so you really shouldn't post anymore new threads at this time.

Jan 22, 2001
betwixt and between
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hi. What is the fastest way to contact you for support? do you have a email address or facebook page? thanks

hi ra_ptah_amen ... :wave: ... here i am ... :wave: ... :)

What can i do for you ... what kind of support do you need?

I also want to thank Sister Angela22 for helping you with our rules.

This is the specific rule she was speaking about, and you can read more about it at the link below :

You Cannot Overwhelm the Discussions (Home Page) with Your Threads!

wassup ra_ptah_amen ... sounds like it's a fire, dead body, or sump'n somewhere ... i aint do it ... :)

Much Love and Peace



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