Black Short Stories : Fast Lanes - Pt1

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    Korey gunned the engine of the sleek gold Mercedes Benz and whipped sharply about a corner. As he drove into the speed blurred black night his heart beat rapidly and the blood pounded in his veins. His mind was totally tuned to the smooth and swift movement of the car. The vehicle moved like liquid fire over the streets as Korey wheeled and handled the car with remarkable expertise. He eased his foot off the gas ever so lightly as he approached his destination. The car turned silently into an alley behind a cluster of red brick buildings housing a car wash and a mechanic shop. A tall figure stepped from the shadows and moved toward the car as Korey lowered the window. A familiar face came into view as Korey extended his hand, and the figure, a long time business associate and friend Tyree, took it and shook it.

    “Sup boy?” Tyree asked as he gave the vehicle a quick once over and whistled appreciatively. “She’s a beauty. Let’s get her inside”
    “Came easy as hell too.” Korey replied as his boy rolled up the gate to the back entrance of the mechanic shop. He glided the car into the shop and turned the engine off. Korey slid from behind the wheel and shut the door as he continued talking to Tyree.

    “Man, this was one of the easiest steals ever. I mean the alarm didn’t even have a chance to go off before I had it disarmed. And those complicated *** tracking systems,” Korey put his hand to his throat and whipped it away, “Nada. Didn’t have a chance against that **** our girl, Egypt, rigged.”

    Tyree was busy wiping off whatever prints might have been left on the automobile and grinned as he spoke, “Dat girl is bad as hell with that computer ****. She showed you how to jam and scramble signals or some ****, right?”
    “Hell yeah. She showed me how to melt down that little microchip they bury in the dash.” he grinned back as he stripped off his leather driving gloves. “Dawg, I gotta call her and thank her for that. She makes my job easier every time. I don’t mind droppin her dat chunk of cheddar she ask for cause she help me make even more dinero, feel me?”

    Tyree had finished wiping off the car and was getting ready to prepare the car for the first phase of stripping.
    “I hear that. She smart than a mufucca, and fi-ine as hell! Man you can’t tell me you never thought about at least hittin’ that!”

    Korey smiled widely as he thought of Egypt. She was 5 feet 7 inches of pure burning sensuality with a smooth mahogany complexion, sultry long lashed eyes, full lips, a graceful, curvaceous figure, and long legs ending in the most delectable looking feet and toes any man had ever seen. Yet, a man would quickly get over her striking looks once they saw the flaming intelligence in her eyes, and learned the astounding talents and capabilities she possessed.

    Egypt was a fiercely independent sophomore at the Detroit Tech University. She was a top honor student with an amazing ability to hack through any known security system, develop the most hazardous viruses, and design an astounding variation of computer programs. At the age of 19 Egypt had an impressive resume of clients she had completed contracts for, from the Mafia to local operations such as the deal she currently had with Korey.

    Korey and Egypt had met in high school when he was a sophomore and she was a senior. Korey had begun stealing cars a few months into his sophomore year, and knew about the difficulties of disarming the new security systems in the more expensive luxury cars. He was smart, and thought about how to side step this potentially risky nuisance. After considerable thought and research he found the answer to his problems in the form of Egypt. She had garnered popularity on the underground as one of the best hackers in the state of Michigan. There were few people that could match her sharpness, resourcefulness, and thoroughness. Korey admitted her intense and exotic beauty had struck him, but soon found her mind to be just as impressive. Egypt had been aloof when they first met, even though she knew vaguely of Korey.

    Unlike Korey she had been working at her “craft” a few years now, and was very cautious about who she associated with. She was very ambitious, and loved the quick and easy money her contracts brought her. Not only that, but the excitement led her to continue at her work. Egypt was determined never to be poor, and dependent upon another as her mother had been when her father had first abandoned them when Egypt was only five years old. Egypt’s mother had married her father directly out of high school, and had never bothered to pursue her education further, because her husband was determined that no wife of his should ever work. Of course as time went on the pressures of marriage and fatherhood proved to be too much, and her father ended up leaving them without warning or thought. Egypt’s mother had been distraught and heartbroken, and for years afterward struggled to raise Egypt alone. Eventually her mother had gotten a decent salaried position as a legal secretary at a Southfield law firm, but this was only after she had to return to school to study for a certificate to become a paralegal.

    Egypt’s early years were filled with images of her struggling mother, and as she had grown older and had come to understand the patheticness of the whole situation, Egypt swore to herself she would never go through such a thing. So at the age of 15 Egypt had developed an intense interest in computers, and had developed her skills to an astounding technical level. She had shared this story with Korey overtime as they continued to do business with one another throughout high school up until now. Egypt had recognized a kindred intelligence and ambition in Korey, and had warmed to him. She felt Korey could be doing something much more useful than stealing cars with a mind like his, and often told him so with her characteristic forwardness. Though she liked Korey very much, business was still business. She was a perfect professional, and that was one of the things he admired about her the most.

    “Naw, man, can’t mix business with pleasure. She is beautiful, but she’s too professional for that.”
    Tyree had snapped on goggles and a mask that covered his nose and mouth. He shook his head and gave a muffled response, “Mo power to you, man, but if it was me...dawg I tell you I would have at least tried to get with her. That’s the kind of girl you can take home to yo mama, and ride with you in the streets at the same time. You can’t top that!”
    Korey chuckled and shook his head. “Man, you a trip, but let’s settle my “account” so I can let you get on with your work.” he said ending on a more serious tone.
    “No doubt” he said as he came from under the hood and pulled down his mask.

    He dug into his pocket and produced a wad of fifty and hundred dollar bills. He peeled off a generous portion of the bills and placed them on top of the car. Korey counted the money quickly, and smiled. Even though he had worked with Tyree for a while, and trusted him they always conducted the handling of money with the strictest professionalism. Tyree was just as thorough when it came to the quality of vehicle Korey brought into his shop. Like Egypt they both understood the codes of business.
    “Alright, playa, we’re all squared.” Tyree said as he turned back to the Mercedes. “I got to work my magic on this baby. She real special so I gotta be real gentle tonight” he joked.
    Korey nodded with another smile as he glanced over the slick design of the vehicle. It was quite a car, and it had ridden like silk. “Yup, well boy do yo thang. I’ll see you later this week. I think I’m gonna drop by Egypt’s apartment, and settle her tonight.”
    Tyree raised and eyebrow and cracked a wide, knowing smile. “Yeah, at almost one in the morning you gone settle her, huh? I feel you do yo thang, too”
    “Man..... Bye.” he said chuckling as he headed toward his own car, a black and silver Monte Carlo, parked a few feet away from the Benz. Tyree rolled up the gate for his friend and watched with a smile still on his face as Korey drove away.


    Egypt came to the door dressed in a silky pajama set belted at her slender waist, and satin house slippers. Her bobbed hair hung seductively over one sleepy eye, and she yawned as she let Korey in.

    “Boy,” she said in a voice husky with sleep, “What the hell are you doing here?” She flopped lazily on to a nearby leather sofa and crossed her long brown legs that seemed to go on forever. Korey settled into a matching leather easy chair and smiled at Egypt as he produced the wad of bills.
    “Aww, girl, don’t act like you ain’t glad to see me.” he teased setting her money on the glass pane of the oak hewn coffee table. “Don’t flatter yourself,” she said crossly, but a smile played at the corners of her mouth. “Pay day, babygirl. You made me some easy loot tonight. I did just what you said, and it worked like a charm. Girl you know you bad!” he praised her as he reclined in the chair. “Umph” she grunted not moving to touch the money, “What you get?”
    “A gold Benz. Beautiful with all the perks. The exact tracking system you told me about too. Somebody loved that *****!” he joked.
    Egypt folded her arms and snorted again, “I bet.”
    “Yo, mami, you ain’t gone count your stash?” he asked nodding toward the money spread on the table.
    “Boy you coulda paid me tomorrow. You need to be in bed, so you can make it to school on time.” she snapped.
    “Whatever, I just felt like hitting you off tonight, and I think I know how to get to school irregardless to whether I make it on time or not.” he said with a slight edge to his voice. He was used to catching this sort of flack from Egypt about school. He fully intended to graduate on time, but he had other things to think about as well. He could understand and even appreciate Egypt’s obsession with education, but that did not mean he shared her same enthusiasm about it all the time.

    Egypt gave him the tigress eye, but did not continue with her usual tirade. She pressed her lips together, and thought about what a waste of Korey’s brilliance was going into stealing cars. She could understand all too well the principle of making money, but Egypt was accepting fewer and fewer contracts these days, and was thinking about a legal career and future. Her contracts were just to pay the bills, and to enable her to live college life comfortably as she had become accustomed to. She only hoped Korey had the same mindset, that stealing cars was just a temporary thing, on the road to bigger and better things. He was too **** bright not to go to college.

    He could afford to put himself through college on the money he had made in the last few years. He wore tight gear, sported the newest shoes, always kept a fresh haircut, had a few pieces of platinum and diamond jewelry, drove a sports car, and lived in an apartment as nice as her own. Still she knew that Korey saved money, and that he did not spend his money too lavishly. She thought of Korey as the brother she had never had, and only wanted to see him with the best in life. He deserved it.

    Korey was almost apologetic as he glanced over at Egypt. He understood her thinking, and wanted her to know he appreciated her concern. He moved over to the couch and seated himself facing her.

    “Yo, Egypt, I ain’t mean to get edgy with you or nothin, and I am glad you care enough about me to look out for a brother. You are one of my closest friends, and I just want to let you know that means a lot to me.” he said earnestly as he looked into her deep smoky eyes. Egypt sighed and gave him a small smile. “I know, Korey. Forgive me if I seem a bit overbearing at times, it’s just that I want the best for you.”
    “I know.” he said simply in a low voice as he took her in his arms. Egypt silently accepted his embrace and gave him a warm squeeze.

    At moments like these they did not need to talk. Sometimes a hug or silence expressed everything they needed to say to one another. He thought fleetingly of his previous conversation with Tyree, and let his mind wander. He closed his eyes and the sweet aroma of the coconut oil in her hair blended with the natural fragrance of her body filled his nostrils. She smelled good, and felt good. His hold on her unconsciously tightened and Egypt looked up at him in surprise, yet she did not move away from him. He realized they were still holding one another and he looked down at her. Korey towered over her at 6’1 so she inclined her head to meet his gaze. They both felt a strange current pass between them, and released each other. “Um, I better be going.” he said quietly as he rose from the couch. “Ah, yeah. We both need to get some sleep,” she said quickly running her fingers through her rich dark hair.

    Korey gave her a small smile as she escorted him to the door. “Right, cause I don’t want you accusing me of making you late for class. I can hear you ranting now, “Boy if your *** hadn’t kept me up half the night I woulda made it on time!” he mocked. A wide grin broke out on Egypt’s face as she slapped at him playfully. “Get outta here, boy, wit yo crazy self!”
    “I’m going, forreal, ****!” he laughed as she pushed him out into the hallway. Egypt laughed and shut the door in his face. Korey stood gazing at the door for a moment, then shook his head with a smile, and walked away.

    Korey stifled a yawn as Ms. Monroe lectured on the indigenous people of Australia. Global Studies was one of his least favorite subjects, and he could hardly wait for the class to be over. He forced himself to focus on Ms. Monroe, and was surprised to find some of the lecture to be interesting.

    The indigenous people were referred to as Aborigines, an ancient people of color. Korey noted with a touch of irony that they too were discriminated against, and dehumanized by their white neighbors. It seemed strange, Korey mused, that white people could come into countries and destroy whole cultures and societies, and then turn around and claim another people’s country as their own. The same thing had happened with the Native Americans, and now their people hardly existed. It was tragically unfair to think that a whole race of people had been erased from the face of the Earth forever. If white people had their way, Korey thought grimly, none of us would be here.

    His face set into a deep frown, and he tuned out the teacher’s droning. His mind turned to the terrible affairs of the streets and ghettoes in his own city. Korey had been raised most of his life in a rough Northwest Detroit neighborhood off Ashton, and Joy Road. He could remember the fights, shootouts, and fires as a child. Korey had hit the streets with his friends getting into all sorts of trouble. One of the older neighborhood boys had discovered that Korey was a talented thief, and by the time he was 14 he had learned how to skillfully hot-wire cars. His actual car-thieving career had not begun until he was 15. Korey had cleverly stolen money and jewelry from people before he developed an interest in stealing cars. Several older friends had joined car thieving rings, and had asked him to join them in their illegal money making venture. Korey had accepted, and had come to love the fast money as well as the fast cars.
    Nothing pleased him more than a smooth job, and a quick getaway. He only stole the most expensive and high speed vehicles. He adored sports cars such as Camaros, Impalas, Corvettes, and Mustangs. Sports utilities were his second in which he favored Suburbans. He appreciated luxury cars such as Benzes, but he loved big and powerful trucks and cars above anything else.

    The sharp ringing of the school bell broke Korey’s reverie. He was thankful, but did not rush as he gathered up his books. Most of the other students were shoving toward the door, and Korey did not want to get caught in the throng of restless, teenage bodies. They don’t realize, he thought, that all that shoving and pushing takes more time and energy than just simply filing out the door. Korey was easygoing, but he possessed an inner sense of orderliness and discipline even in the midst of chaos.

    Most teenagers were terribly impatient and impetuous, but Korey was most always levelheaded and calm. When the classroom was nearly empty he ambled out the door. He moved through the crowded hallways with serpentine grace greeting a few acquaintances along the way. He had no need to go to his locker so he proceeded out the school and to the parking lot. Just as he was sliding behind the wheel of his Monte Carlo he felt his two-way pager vibrating in his pocket. He thought it might be Tyree with another order for him to fill, but he was pleasantly surprised to see it was a page from his baby sister, Marlee. He smiled as he read the message: “Dinner 2 nite”.

    Ever since their mother, Sarina Edwards, had put Korey out a year ago due to his intolerable running in the streets, Marlee had tried to keep the lines of communication open between her brother and mother. Mrs. Edwards loved her son, but she would not accept his behavior under any circumstances in her own home. She knew things had not been easy for Korey growing up without a father, but damned if that gave him an excuse to act like a ruffian. He thought he was grown, so she was going to let him be grown right there in the streets he seemed to love so much. She prayed to God her son would not have to go to jail or worse in order for him to come back to his senses, but she was in favor of whatever might make him into a real and sensible man. She only hoped Korey was wise enough to get out the dangerous games he was playing before it was too late. She left the care of Korey in God’s hands, because she did not have time to be stressed. She still had Marlee to finish raising, and damned if she was going to let the boy kill her.

    Sarina had worked hard to move them from their former neighborhood to the much nicer middle class area they now lived in. By that time Korey was fully involved in his illegal affairs, and Sarina was determined that he would get out her house. He was not going to run over her; after all she had sacrificed and done for him and his sister. Marlee, since that time, had served as peacemaker between the two. She insisted that they all have dinner together at least once a week.

    Marlee was such a sweet girl that neither of them gave her much of a fuss, and secretly the mother and son truly did miss one another. Both Korey and Sarina understood it was part of the growing pains they both were going through with one another. They loved each other enough to keep hoping and trying for a more peaceful relationship. Korey adored his angel of a sister who was two years younger than him, and would do almost anything to please her.

    He pulled out his Nokia cell phone and hit speed dial as he whipped out the parking lot of Clarendon High School. “Korey?” chirped the familiar voice. Korey grinned as he replied, “Hey Lee-Lee. I got your message.”
    “Are you comin? Mama will be home at about 5:30. I’m making fried chicken!” she said brightly.
    “Yeah I’m gone be there. Your chicken be off the hook! You gonna make some corn bread?” he asked still grinning as he guided the car down a busy main street.
    “Uh-huh. I’m making a pasta salad for Mama, too. She loves that. You gone be on time?”
    “Six fifteen, right?
    “Alright then, sweetie, I’ll see you then. And, girl don’t forget to make a big ole’ pitcher of red Kool-Aid!” he teased.
    “Aw, boy, shut up!” she laughed and hung up the phone. Korey chuckled and put away his cell phone. He was definitely looking forward to spending some time with his family.
    “Daag that was good, Lee Lee!” Korey exclaimed as he leaned back on his mother’s living room sofa and rubbed his full belly. “Whew, it sure was little girl.” Sarina Edwards smiled as she gave her daughter’s soft curly hair an affectionate caress. Mrs. Edwards’s face was relaxed as she stretched her stocking clad feet on the table before her. Marlee basked in the attention of her brother and mother as she sat close to Sarina. Looking at the Edwards family anyone would have pronounced them to be a fine looking set of people.

    Sarina was brown skinned with dark doe eyes, high cheekbones, long dark hair, and a slender figure. Marlee had her mother’s dark eyes, cheekbones, and her father’s creamy brown complexion, inviting smile, and a thick head of curly dark hair. Korey also had his mother’s eyes, bone structure, and smile but his father’s complexion, wavy black hair, and a tall, athletic frame. Korey and Marlee’s father, Ayinde Edwards, had died when they were only two and four years old. Mrs. Edwards had been heartbroken, but had poured all her love for her dear husband into their two children. Looking at them now she was reminded so much of their father, and for a moment her eyes misted.

    Korey had noticed the change in his mother’s face, and asked kindly, “Were you thinking about Daddy?” Sarina nodded with a sad smile, “You two look so much like him sometimes, and yet I can see myself in the two of you. He would have loved you all so much. He would have been proud to have such beautiful children. You know I love you all so much. I’m so glad that God left me a part of your Father in you all.” Marlee threw her arms around her mother and declared, “We love you too, Mama!” Tears rose in Sarina’s eyes as she squeezed her daughter tight, “I know, baby, I know.”

    Korey watched his mother and sister with his heart in his throat. He wanted to reach out to his mother, and say he was sorry for all the things he had ever done to hurt her. He wanted to kiss her and wipe away the tears in her eyes. He wanted to bring back his father so they could all be truly happy again. He missed his father sorely, and was surprised by the strength of his own emotions. Sarina studied the struggle in her son’s face, and opened her arms to him saying tearfully, “Boy get over here. You still my child, and you ain’t never too big for me to hug!” Korey went into his mother’s arms without a word, and buried his face in her hair. “You know I love you Ma, even though I don’t act like it all the time.” he whispered in her ear. “Sometimes it’s just so hard to say it. I miss seeing you and Marlee everyday. I miss my father...” he choked and felt tears sting his eyes.

    Sarina held him tight as tears crept silently down her cheeks. It had been so long since she had seen her son cry, much less express his feelings so honestly. He was only 17, still a boy growing into a man, and he was her baby. She had missed him, and she loved him more than ever now. If only she could take away his pain, but only God and time could work it’s healing power in Korey’s life. Marlee watched her mother and brother with mixed emotions of sadness, awe, and happiness that they were at last opening up to one another again.

    After a long moment Korey relinquished his hold on his mother ad hugged his little sister. He kissed her affectionately on the forehead and pinched her cheek. “Aw, man...” he said swiping impatiently at his wet eyes. He felt kind of awkward yet relieved as he sat between his mother and sister. He rarely made such shows of emotionalism, but he realized he had probably needed to. He always kept so many things inside, and never talked to anyone about how he felt. The only other person he even came close to sharing his feelings with was Egypt, but even then he would never have cried in front of her.

    “Ain’t we a mess!” Sarina laughed as she wiped her eyes again. Marlee grinned, and Korey chuckled. Marlee turned her big, sparkling eyes on her brother and asked softly, “Does this mean you’ll come home?” she asked. Korey and Sarina looked at each other, as Marlee studied their faces. “I don’t know Lee Lee. That’s up to Mama, but I really think things are better as they are for now.” Korey said gently. Sarina straightened up and looked her son directly in the eye as she spoke firmly, but mildly “Korey is welcome to come home when he gets ready, but he knows it will have to be on certain terms. If he is ready to accept them, then my door is open and waiting. It’s up to him.” Marlee nodded her head in understanding, but was a bit disappointed.

    Korey put a finger under her chin, and tilted her face up to meet his gaze. “Hey now, Lee Lee, don’t look so sad. I promise you that I will come around a lot more often. I’m your brother, and even though I don’t stay here it doesn’t mean I love you or mama any less. Whenever you need me you got my cell, pager, and home number, you hear?” he asked tenderly. Marlee nodded her head, and offered her brother a small smile. “Aw, girl, you can do better than that for your favorite big brother in the whole world!” he chided. Marlee giggled and a wide smile spread across her face as she retorted, “You my only brother, so I don’t got a choice!” Sarina and the children dissolved into good-natured laughter. It was wonderful to be together as a family again.

    Tyree had a big order for Korey to fill that weekend: 2 new Lexuses, 4 SUV’s, a Corvette, and a F150. Tyree needed them delivered in top condition by Sunday night. Korey got to work on Thursday evening. Korey liked to start with the must difficult jobs first. The 4 SUV’s were no problem except that they were four different types, each desired in a particular color. Korey wired a burgundy Excursion right out the driveway of a quiet, residential block. The black Denali he whipped out the parking lot of a beauty salon in broad daylight. He had to hit the suburbs for the green X-Terra, and last but not least was the pearl white Escalade complete with silver rims, and finish he picked up at a popular dance club.

    By Saturday evening he was left with the easiest job, the F150. Korey thought it was all gravy, because there were no special specifications, as long as it was an F150. He knew plenty of spots where he could wire a F150 in seconds. Korey spotted a red and silver F150 outside an apartment complex in Palmdale Park on the outskirts of Detroit. Dressed down in blue jeans, a thick gray sport sweatshirt, tan Timberlands, and black baseball cap he strolled casually past the truck. Since Korey had picked off several cars from this same area before, he was familiar with the police patrol. Guarded by shadows, and distant enough from the streetlights, Korey was able to sidle up to the car unnoticed. He had easily jimmied the lock, and was now settling into the high, leather seat. He quietly snipped the wires to disarm the alarm, and was about to insert his special “key” into the ignition, when he glanced in the rearview mirror and noticed an unexpected cop car coming down the street behind him.

    At this same moment the front double doors of the apartment complex were swinging open and a burly man came running out and began to protest loudly. “Oh ****!” Korey cursed as he jammed the special key in and the ignition leaped to life. He heard the ominous wailing of the police car sirens, and the yells and curses of the man as he peeled off from the curb. Korey sped swiftly down the street as the cops pursued him at top speed. Korey’s heart was pounding hard, but he forced himself to remain in control and ignored the desire to look back. He was reminded of a Bible story he had learned long ago in children’s church, about Lot’s wife, when she had looked back into the flaming destruction of the city she had been turned to a pillar of salt. Korey knew that a pile of salt would not be his fate, but some years in a correctional facility. Giving up years of his life to the State was not worth a glance over his shoulder.

    Without warning Korey sharply wheeled into the curved back alley of a cluster of tall, golden brown brick buildings. He smiled to himself, because he knew that he was on his own turf now. Korey knew every twist, turn, and wind of the allies in the blocks of apartment buildings. They were narrow and filled with unexpected dead ends and twists. He navigated the F150 at top speed through the alley as the police fell further and further behind. He felt giddy laughter rising in his throat, but he resisted the urge and roared over the concrete spraying gravel and bits of glass and trash.

    Korey drove toward a dead end, preparing the police for a set up. He let the car idle a moment as the police car finally caught up to him. The police car let off a familiar pull over call, and all at once Korey veered from what appeared to be a dead end wall and whipped through tall hedges concealing the crumbled portion of the wall. In moments he was out the alley and coasting over the smooth service drive leading out of Palmdale Park. Now he let himself laugh, long and loud. He loved this ****! He was grinning from ear to ear as he thought, I’m gonna charge ole boy extra for this! He pressed his foot to the gas, and sped away into the star specked black night.
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    OK I NEED TO READ PART 2!!! This was TIGHT!!!!!!!!
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    yeah 'tay, that is tight, and sooooo long! grrrl, i thought i was watching a soap opera. ;) as usual, your prose is immaculate. for a short story, you went into quite a bit of background, which slowed down the action but set us up as far as motivation is concerned. is part 2 this long???
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    what a hellava story headed to pt.2
    dis got me in a maze