Black People : Fascists "R" Us

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    Fascists "R" Us

    "For its work in support of the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan, KBR has billed the U.S. government about $950 million for work completed under contracts capped at $8.2 billion. At the same time, KBR is in line to earn tens of millions of dollars more to maintain the archipelago of U.S. military bases that now arcs from the Balkans south to the Horn of Africa and east to Afghanistan and Kyrgyzstan. Closer to home, KBR built the detention camps in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, that house Taleban and al Qaeda prisoners. All in all, no corporation has played as central a role in America's global anti-terrorism campaign -- or profited as handsomely from it -- as Kellogg Brown and Root. The company's high-profile success in winning contracts, coupled with its intimate ties to the White House, has aroused suspicions that it is a beneficiary of political favoritism. Although Cheney no longer owns stock in Halliburton, he was its chairman and CEO for five years and either hired or promoted many of the executives now running Halliburton and KBR. At the insistence of two powerful House Democrats, Henry A. Waxman of California and John D. Dingell of Michigan, the General Accounting Office, the investigative arm of the U.S. Congress, is looking into the issue of whether KBR has received special treatment in the awarding of Defense Dept. contracts over the past two years."- Business Week Online September 15, 2003

    As the Bush administration orchestrates AmeriKKKa's morph into a fascist empire extending it's corrupt and ruthless death dealing tentacles into every corner of the globe except Antarctica, it is creating in its wake a vast substratum of extremely profitable ancillary cogs in the imperialist Military Industrial Complex. Even the ruling elite owned corporate mass media has been forced to mention the no bid contracts companies with close ties to high profile Republican politicians like **** Cheney's Halliburton and George Shultz' Bechtel have secured. These contracts are siphoning billions of tax payer dollars and resources supporting US imperialist forces while simultaneously gouging the tax payers by overcharging them for rebuilding the infrastructures of the same countries their weapons manufacturing buddies have decimated, their soldiers for hire Private Military Company subsidiaries provide "security forces" for and their oil and natural resources buddies are looting. For the descendants of the Huns, Vikings, Goths, Angles and Saxons this is an ideal scenario, raping, pillaging and raking the US tax payer; while simultaneously invading, ravaging and securing control over the world's natural and human resources. Unlike the Huns who did the murdering and plundering themselves, Bush and his boys never served one day in the active duty military. It is poor kids and mercenaries who serve as canon fodder in Iraq and Afghanistan. None of the ruling elites' children are in harm's way. The gullible tax payers will foot the bills generating huge profits for entities like the Carlyle Group under the guise of a global "War on Terrorism" these same elites created by their ruthless policies. This fiasco gives new meaning to the term "blood money".

    This is no abstract intellectual diatribe, Bush's request for $87 billion for the war and rebuilding of Iraq and Afghanistan is literally taking money from domestic programs needed for education, health care and the maintenance of our own infrastructure. Bush's policies have wrecked the economy with his tax cuts creating unprecedented deficits that have trickled down to the states forcing them to slash programs, raise tuition at state colleges and universities and fees as well as reduce services to balance their own budgets. These costs and cuts are passed on to us. Bush has made military spending his top priority. Now he is seeking 128.3 billion for the military, to "rebuild" Iraq and Afghanistan and for "Homeland Security" (another bogus boondoggle). Yet he is asking a total of only $148.6 billion for Health and Human Services, Education and Highway and Road Construction. Right after Bush asked for $87 billion for Iraq it was revealed that won't be nearly enough! Unless he can coerce or bribe additional nations to supply funding or troops for the Iraqi occupation more US soldiers will be needed to "stabilize" and occupy Iraq. Where will these troops come from? How many of you are aware there is a military draft in the works? Keep in mind Bush admitted there was no connection between Saddam Hussein and 9-11. So AmeriKKKa invaded Iraq based on a lie, and we are spending money the government doesn't have, to rebuild two other countries while AmeriKKKa languishes in disrepair? How asinine is that, who benefits and who suffers from this insanity?
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