Black Poetry : Far as shoes I got corrupt pairs upstairs with no strings because I go bling in wing tips and Stacy

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    “Far as shoes I got corrupt pairs upstairs with no strings because
    I go bling in wing tips and Stacy Adams, so girl I love red so pause
    Lets hug and go to bed but first boo rub my head because I got waves
    Like the ocean and dudes crave for lotion I use to do that and prays
    To get their hair like this so an affair and a kiss would go good right
    About now so what you say boo? This is a confirm act like the “Return
    of the Mack” like MARK MORRISON I’m clever in all the clubs but
    concerned “If I ever fall in love” like SHAI make sure you my cup
    Of tea throw me a kiss in the wind with hope because I’m at the end
    Of my rope you as my girlfriend would be dope sex now and then”
    Boo I have phat desires and like flat tires they roll rough but I’m bold
    Enough to know that my term paper is firm vapor up a nose it’s cold
    Trust my health had to adjust myself but you got pie crust left
    delicious uneaten that you gonna be feeding me so thrust stealth
    Tongue on me booI see you can, boo I wanna buy a new house and
    Get a true spouse no time to screw around with Mickey Mouse plans
    So girl your cake is the gospel and that make it possible for a guy
    To have specific action and terrific satisfaction but must duck that
    Fatal attraction this just a fraction of the things and boo I’m stuck at
    A love junction with a plan that’s tight can’t stand the sight of failure
    It ignite paraphernalia I search strong after a church song by Mahalia
    Jackson, it clutter my wishes when I get butter kisses that include
    Tongue I be a dude sprung but not a rude one be ready for Soul Food
    And a hug is devastation its club regulation for a thug no celebration
    Girl your pie is bizarre gonna buy a car fuel injection for acceleration
    At home the holder and owner of a Ford but don’t wanna be thrown
    overboard to the sharks well known and have adored arts homegrown
    But boo I have plans for cake now in the hands of fate stands ready
    inflate my game, cake is my aim it take brains and sweaty Intentions
    to pull it off but I bet wool spreads are soft on your bed not to mention
    boss hips and soft lips

    NAW PLAYER your slang is deft but you could hang yourself if you try
    For pie and lie, for me that’s a goodbye I’m classy like LASSIE but why
    Bark up the wrong tree wanna go home with me, do sex down town
    gonna move my thing around wow you rap unafraid and renowned
    I may get trapped, played in a gown got cake and romance you sound
    Great but no chance I can go to France get a wet French Kiss fly round
    Trip back to here but one fact is clear you really want some, so you
    Filled with pizzazz can thrill with jazz but HIP-HOP is better for a crew
    Of things so before we date it has to more than jest cake nahamean?
    It’s thunder down there in my underwear I wonder where the cream
    Went, you wanna have fun galore I’ve done this before and it led me
    To doom in a bedroom my head was tuned to love, oh my panties see
    A lot because they be hot, strange strife has led to a change of life
    Must rearrange each slice of my cake on a boy’s plate no need a knife
    Be polite you know right from wrong want me to cum home with you
    True? Wanna assist other folks one kiss could butter hopes a brisk true
    Tongue can clutter throats with love talk you utter quotes, at home
    Open the door body smoking galore, stroking and tore sheets blown
    The cover off the bed and my lips soft and red so really from now on
    Must watch my steps a girl can get trapped in a world of crap by
    kissing and listening to a boy’s words, stress is usual and never fly
    My breasts are musical and boys clever try play them my body fry
    required the curtains close I’m tired of flirting I suppose butt moving
    around when grooving down town shopping HIP Hopping improving
    the action, having ice cream dreams and wake up screams before
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