Black Positive People : Family living in public housing makes half a million a year, and HUD's OK with that


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Jul 12, 2015
atlanta ga
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I worked for the Housing Authority/HUD in OK at one time. These type of high income Black people living in income based housing, who came into money after being income eligible for low income housing, suffer from sever slave mentality. (Im assuming they are Black).

There were several in OK. Not to the income mentioned in the article, I don't think, but middle class.

Many became eligible after losing high income jobs and applied, IMO, out of panic. The 4 bed room apartments were in high demand and usually the nicest,

I was a housing specialist which included collecting rent. I became courious about who are these people paying more than $1,000 a month to live in "the projects". So I started asking. You have enough income to live anywhere, why don't you move? Move.

The answer, from everyone I asked, was the same: FEAR. fear that what led them to low income housing could happen again. A type of fear that I couldn't persuade anyone might not happen again.

What I learned from working there is you really can't predict your future. We're all just one paycheck away from low income housing. Have a plan. Save.

There were senior citizens who sold their home to move into senior citizens housing. The kids were grown and they couldn't use the stairs or take care of the yard. Some sold homes for as much as a $100,000.

After working there I declared I would only purchase a ranch style home.
I've worked many jobs (military) and the Housing Authouity was the most revealing to the fear people feel with change. And the adjustment to being comfortable in a financially safe environment.

One day, I'll never forget, is the wife of a local news anchor came in the office in panic and crying. She told me her story about her husband having an affair
And they were talking about divorce. She would need a place to live.

That's profound. That is what I was having a difficult time trying to wrap brain around. If you have all that bank why live in a place like that pictured? And fear is a very plausible response. Thanks for sharing your inside knowledge. Great.


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Feb 26, 2008
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I know working people who CHOOSE to live in housing projects. It's not just open to poor people. But you pay a pretty penny to stay there. Since the basic utilities are covered in your rent. It's discriminatory to evict people just because they can pay their rent.

I think what is probably the better question is why would the choose to stay there. With the people I know who do this... Their whole families, friends, lives are tied up in those units. It would break their hearts to not be part of what they have come to accept as a community.

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