Black People : Family Affair: How Many of us have a Black Library in our Homes?

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Feb 9, 2007
I know that there are many on this site who do have a Black Library in their home.

I recall when I use to have JET, Ebony, Essence magazine all on display in my home. I had them so neatly arranged. There is nothing wrong with reading and having these magazines in our home. What I saw wrong with me was, that was all that I had for reading. That is as high as my conscious/subsconcious was going to be. When others came into my home, all I could converse about was what I read in those magazines. No Divine conscious growth having those magazines only.

So when my Soul-Mind began to open up, I realized that it is time for some redecoration in my physical house and my conscious mental House.

I made a separate corner for those magazines and called it the Entertainment section in my home. Such a small section one will not even know it is there.

I added everything I could find about Afrika and current events that involves us all.

TIME Magazine
National Geographic magazine

Children can learn so much from the National geographic magazine.

Do we have a separate room/section in our homes/apartment with a book shelf filled with Books/Videos/Cd's/Dvd's about Afrika's history, and black authors?

How often do we sit with our children and look at the above?

How often do we gather a few friends/associates/family together and watch Hon Garvey videos, and other Black Divine leaders, past and present work?

When we call our selves Saving others, we must be Divine Truth and reality, and draw them to Divine Truth and reality reading material.

If we do not feed our own selves, will our children starve? If we do not feed our conscious/subconsicious Truth and reality, we will continue to be ate up, unacceptable people, only rejects, and our children too, and the dreaded entrance/entrapment the children not yet born will have to face, when they walk into this planet still filled with much Lack of Wisdom.

If loving Truth and reality is wrong, I do not want to be right

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