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    By "the teacher" [KRS-One] lyrics..........................

    - check the intense message behind the words!

    Okay now, listen to this..

    A mystical teacher sat by the seaside
    It was about five o'clock cause we heard the free ride
    Anyway; the teacher was talking in stride
    sitting upon a rock that was wide
    and warning against false pride
    "Come to where I reside!" a woman cried
    and the teacher replied, "Do you serve your fish fried?"
    "Yes," she replied, "with potato salad on the side."
    And the teacher replied, "Well where do you reside?"
    She said, "Up on the hillside, it's not a far ride.
    If you came to have dinner, I would be so gratified."
    The teacher replied, "It's six o'clock, seven o'clock, you decide."
    She replied, "Seven o'clock, do you like stir-fried?"
    She was mystified and felt so dignified
    The teacher was coming to the house where she resides
    So she purified with pesticides
    Called her friends up nationwide
    Some of her friends were tongue-tied they felt so glorified
    She made steamed fish, baked fish, fish that was fried
    Soup, steamed vegetables, potato salad on the side
    You could smell the bread in the oven far and wide
    Natural juices and water purified
    Organic fruits brought from the countryside
    with silver forks and knives placed side by side
    You could not be dissatisfied;
    looking out the window staring at the mountainside,
    you would have died
    6:59 she's swollen with pride
    As the moment intensified, there's a knock from outside
    She opens the door, for the teacher has arrived
    But to her surprise, it was a bum who cried
    "Please, I smelt the bread from outside!
    One piece," and then she replied
    "The teacher is coming, he's soon to have arrived.
    You're making me look bad, come on now, step aside!"
    The bum then replied,
    "When I say I'm hungry I haven't lied.
    Give me some of that chicken that you just fried."
    She replied, "Chicken - fried?
    No that's for the teacher, you're not purified"
    Then she slammed the door and went back inside
    Sat on the couch with the TV Guide
    She looked at the clock, it was 7:09, then 7:30;
    he still hasn't arrived
    Eight o'clock, she's on the downside
    Nine o'clock, by now she's teary-eyed
    She's pissed off and her anger multiplied
    She cried, then fell asleep dissatisfied
    Next day she woke up, and was preoccupied
    with meeting the mystical teacher who lied
    Where could he hide?
    She ran down by the seaside
    He was there teaching about - false pride
    "You lied!" she replied, "You lied!
    You said you'd be there at seven o'clock, you lied!"
    He replied, "No I have not lied.
    I came at 6:59, and you told me to move aside.
    I asked for bread and the chicken that was fried.
    And you said, that I wasn't purified."
    She replied, "I wasn't notified!
    I had no idea that you was the bum that cried!"
    And the teacher sighed, then replied,
    "This concludes our lesson on false pride."
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    Info, to keep your KRS-One theme going, here is another:

    The Truth by KRS-ONE

    It's not natural If it goes against God
    It's not factual Her truth is not hard
    It's not natural If it goes against God
    It's not factual Gimme the truth!
    Listen to the lyric as the negative is shrinkin
    It's shrinkin out your life when you decide to change your thinkin
    One of the first things we gotta switch around of course
    Is Jesus Christ, and him dying on the cross
    You're looking at the cross, surrounded in it's mystery
    With Jesus on the cross in a, total misery
    Now seperate Jesus from the cross so you can see
    The truth about the cross, and the cross's history
    The cross was created by the Roman government
    It's only purpose and use, is cap-i-tal punishment
    But Jesus Christ, was all about the revolution
    While the cross was used as Jesus Christ's execution
    See what if Jesus Christ, was hung upon a tree
    Upon every church wall, that's exactly what you'd see
    If Jesus Christ, was shot in the head with no respect
    We'd all have little gold guns around our neck
    If Jesus Christ was killed in electic chair, now get it
    You'd be knealing to the electric chair with Jesus, still in it

    You gaze upon the cross, and you see the execution
    You yell stop the violence but the cross you're still using
    It's not natural If it goes against God
    It's not factual Her truth is not hard
    It's not natural If it goes against God
    It's not factual Gimme the truth!
    So I say listen, listen, open up your third eye vision
    God is not down with religion

    Religion they be sellin it, listen up, God is intelligent
    Reading of the bible is irrelevant
    You gotta look within yourself, not a scripture
    KRS-One comes to rearrange the God picture
    If you sit and believe, you can acheive
    If you sit and accept, you don't know, what's correct
    or incorrect, take for instance Adam and Eve
    The first two people on the planet, or so you believe
    Their first time in heaven kids they had, Cain and Abel
    Huh, now let me show you why the story's unstable
    According to the story, according to what you believe
    There was only Cain, Abel, Adam, and Eve
    on the whole planet, now use your intellect
    and tell me, what did Cain and Abel do for sex?

    Upon the whole planet there was not another
    Could it be for sex, heh, they were looking at each other?
    Hold up! I thought the church wasn't into that
    But wait, still yet, there is another fact
    How did the world get populated?
    Now tell me if I'm wrong, but obviously Eve had it goin on
    Think for a minute, I know it gets notorious
    But yo G, check out the chorus
    It's not natural If it goes against God
    It's not factual Her truth is not hard
    It's not natural If it goes against God
    It's not factual Gimme the truth!

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    YES CHUCK..............hahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! It wasn't intended, but Let's keep it goin'

    Artist: Boogie Down Productions
    Album: Ghetto Music - The Blueprint of Hip-Hop
    Song: You Must Learn
    Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

    Just like I told you, you must learn

    It's calm yet wild the style that I speak
    Just filled with facts and you will never get weak in the heart
    In fact you'll start to illuminate, knowledge to others in a song
    Let me demonstrate the force of knowledge,

    knowledge reigned supreme
    The ignorant is ripped to smithereens
    What do you mean when you say I'm rebellious
    'Cause I don't accept everything that you're telling us
    What are you selling us the creator dwellin' us
    I sit in your unknown class while you're failing' us
    I failed your class 'cause I ain't with your reasoning
    You're tryin' make me you by seasoning
    Up my mind with see Jane run, see John walk in a hardcore New York
    It doesn't exist no way, no how
    It seems to me that in a school that's ebony
    African history should be pumped up steadily, but it's not
    and this has got to stop, See Spot run, run get Spot
    Insulting to a Black mentality, a Black way of life
    Or a jet Black family, so I include with one concern, that
    You must learn

    Chorus: Just like I told you, you must learn (twice)

    I believe that if you're teaching history
    Filled with straight up facts no mystery
    Teach the student what needs to be taught
    'Cause Black and White kids both take shorts
    When one doesn't know about the other ones' culture
    Ignorance swoops down like a vulture
    'Cause you don't know that you ain't just a janitor
    No one told you about Benjamin Banneker
    A brilliant Black man that invented the almanac
    Can't you see where KRS is coming at
    With Eli Whitney, Haile Selassie
    Granville Woods made the walkie-talkie
    Lewis Latimer improved on Edison
    Charles Drew did a lot for medicine
    Garrett Morgan made the traffic lights
    Harriet Tubman freed the slaves at night
    Madame CJ Walker made a straightenin comb
    But you won't know this is you weren't shown
    The point I'm gettin' at it it might be harsh
    'Cause we're just walkin' around brainwashed
    So what I'm sayin' is not to diss a man
    we need the 89 school system
    One that caters to a Black return because
    You must learn
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    Why is that? By: KRS-ONE (BDP)

    The day begins with a grin
    And a prayer to excuse my sins
    I can walk anywhere I choose
    Cause everybody listens to the B.D.P. crew
    We're not here for glamour or fashion
    But here's the question I'm askin
    Why is it young black kids taught {flashin?}
    They're only taught how to read write and act
    It's like teachin a dog to be a cat
    You don't teach white kids to be black
    Why is that? Is it because we're the minority?
    Well black kids follow me
    Genesis chapter eleven verse ten
    Explains the geneology of Chem
    Chem was a black man, in Africa
    If you repeat this fact they can't laugh at ya
    Genesis fourteen verse thirteen
    Abraham steps on the scene
    Being a descendent of Chem which is a fact
    Means, Abraham too was black
    Abraham born in the city of a black man
    Called Nimrod grandson of Kam
    Kam had four sons, one was named Canaan
    Here, let me do some explaining
    Abraham was the father of Isaac
    Isaac was the father of Jacob
    Jacob had twelve sons, for real
    And these, were the children of Isreal
    According to Genesis chapter ten
    Egyptains descended from {Hahm,Kam}
    Six hundred years later, my brother, read up
    Moses was born in Egypt
    In this era black Egyptians weren't right
    They enslaved black Isrealites
    Moses had to be of the black race
    Because he spent fourty years in Pharoah's place
    He passed as the Pharoah's grandson
    So he had to look just like him

    Yes my brothers and sisters take this here song
    Yo, correct the wrong
    The information we get today is just wack
    But ask yourself, why is that?
    Verse Two
    The age of the ignorant rapper is done
    Knowledge Reigns Supreme Over Nearly Everyone
    The stereotype must be lost
    That love and peace and knowledge is soft
    Do away with that and understand one fact
    For love, peace must attack
    And attack real strong, stronger than war
    To conquer it and its law
    Mental pictures, stereotypes and fake history
    Reinforces mystery
    And when mystery is reinforced
    That only means that knowledge has been lost
    When you know who you really are
    Peace and knowledge shines like a star

    I'm only showin you a simple fact
    It Takes A Nation of MILLIONS to Hold Us people Back
    Which is wack, but we can correct that
    Teach and learn what it is to be black
    Cause they're teachin birds to be a cat
    But ask yourself homeboy, why is that?
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    The rotten Apple
    Artist: KRS-One
    Album: Kristyles
    Song: Philosophical
    Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

    [Verse One: KRS-One]
    Yo turn me up just a bit, so I can hear it and spit
    Reverse spit, and get tips, rehearse a hit and take tricks
    Research the art just a bit, don't let me start I won't quit
    But if I start I'ma flip, just like I'm startin the whip
    Puttin the key into it, mentally seein it
    G.O.D. believin in it, I get a fee when I spit
    C-L-U-B's I just rip, I'm lyrically well equipped
    Over the beats and the mix, I keep the streets in a fit
    When it comes to lyrical spit, I'm the t'cha of it
    Higher consciousness, truth, I'll be reachin for it
    Metaphysics, here's an example cause I'm speakin of it
    Put your hands in the air, but you must be aware
    That even if your hands are down, ain't they still in the air?
    I be takin you all the way down the road, takin you there
    I'm livin and givin just a smidgen of what I share
    The style that I'm kickin, lyric lickings from over there
    We rockin forever, we get better with every year
    With letters and intercessors I sever every fear
    Lookin here, like UPS KRS takes it there
    Let's make it clear, thought waves go through the air
    You can act like you busy or you dizzy or you don't care
    But listen here, everybody got a fear
    An insecurity, some type of thing they gotta clear
    So that's when I, reappear, from the rear
    Philsopher, follow the bright light to right here
    I might wear, light gear
    Appear when you least expect it, tellin you now how to fight fear
    With faith, you hear the bass, well clear the waste
    You gotta get the negative cats out your face
    Get that irrelevant crap out your space
    Conceive it believe it decree it achieve it with HASTE!

    Nuttin in the world is impossible
    Listen to the **** that I drop on you
    KRS-One, philosophical
    Believe and achieve what you got to do

    [Verse Two: KRS-One]
    We rawwwwwwwwwk, we don't stop
    Hip-Hooooooooop, we don't stop
    Tick-tooooooock, we don't stop
    We at the top we never drop cause true hip-hop is so hot
    Some people thuggin, some be pimpin, I be teachin a lot
    I be teachin about the meaning of a deeper hip-hop
    That don't make me any better than a thief or a cop
    All I know is when I flow, the people be shocked
    You don't really want the teacher to come step on your block
    With my whole glock takin everything that you've got
    I'm a different type of deeper intellectual rock
    For when you really wanna compete and get up off your block
    You are not just doin hip-hop, you +ARE+ hip-hop
    Like if you have a badge and a gun, you ARE the cop
    Like if you practice medicine, you ARE the doc
    You just forgot rappers rap about cars a lot
    And the magazines worry about stars a lot
    But I'm the sun and they avoid me BECAUSE I'm hot
    The orthodox hip-hop is sure to rock
    With or without a video, I'm leavin 'em all in shock, OHH!

    [Chorus] - repeat 4X