Black Relationships : Fake love?

Discussion in 'Black Relationships' started by Lloyd, Feb 13, 2006.

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    Before the 14th I wish that i could understand something....and i need you ladies -why not gentlemen-.

    Can a girl who has a broken heart love again?

    I saw a beautiful girl,really cool,last year and we were just buddies.As one of my classmates said,friendship between a boy and a girl is a fake:either one love the other or they are both in love but don't want to realise it.
    So she has a child of 3 y.o.,she's 7 years older than me.Once she saw me and ask me to get out of her way quickly because she was planning to do something bad.The same night we made love.And it was just like we were a couple.
    But she told me in December that she was deceived by her child's father and doesn't know anymore either how to remain with one guy or to love someone.She's looking for me all the time and i like it.Yesterday morning,guess what,she told me that she can make you think that she's in love with you,even cry before you though in her heart she's lol.
    I'm a bit afraid because we'll be together tommorow and she want us to be sincere;we'll play a game and the winner will ask for something that he or she wants to know!!!
    I need to know if you think that it can be possible for her to be in love with me or else just give me some advices please!!!!Something that i can do which will touched her deeply.
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    Don't worry about her right now. Follow your heart, and do what you feel. Do not worry about what she will say or do, be vulnerable and open. If she does not reciprocate, then you will know very early on where you stand, and you shouldn't feel cheated. Just move on, and retain any lesson you may learn for future relationships. We have all been hurt by love at one time another, and it depends on the person on how deep the hurt is and how long it will take them to bounce back.
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    She can but she has to learn how to trust again first.
    I commend you as a young man who understands.
    Also try not to give your everything if she is giving nothing in return.
    If you cry who will cry for you when you're beart broken?
    Be cool, don't be a fool and let nature take it's course!:love: