Black Women : Fake / Acrylic Nails

Jan 22, 2001
betwixt and between
Website Consultant
Peace and Blessings Family,

I've never worn fake nails, never even had a desire for this. While I have received a few manicures, it's not something I do regularly. Usually when it happens, it's because my Daughter and I are together, and she wants us to do some girlie stuff like that, so I oblige her.

What made me think about this is the fact that my own nails are growing so beautifully these days. I'm not sure what I've done to make this happen, but I have nails to die for! :) I have never had long nails, not ever. I think, probably raising children, cooking, washing dishes, all of those Motherly duties hinder long beautiful nails. Though that's not completely true, as I have a friend who I grew up with that ALWAYS had long beautiful nails. It seemed to run in her Family, her Mother, and all her Sisters had the same.

I guess pretty nails are genetic? Nawww ... probably not, because I never had them until now.

I'm not sure what has prompted the growth of my nails but i love it.

Back to the fake nails though, do you wear them?

They are expensive to maintain. My Daughter had them for about 3 or 4 months, the french manicure kind, and she had to spend about $50.00 every month or so, to keep them maintained. Of course, I suppose, folk who do this have the means, and money is no option. But anyway, after my Daughter stopped wearing them, even after a short 3 or 4 month period, she found the bed of of her nail was damaged considerably. She is still working to get her nail bed strong and healthy again.

I've also heard that fake nails are not sanitary, leaving a great opportunity for infection, germs, and all kinds of gunk and goo to become encrusted under there.

While I've chosen not to do this, I see many Sisters doing it religiously.

It's certainly a booming business, though it's not us making the money, only spending it ... we should turn this around, if we're going to be in it.

Have you ever noticed that the nail salon people don't use their own product?

I think we should not buy into all of this fake stuff, choosing instead to love ourselves just as we are.

But anyway ... that's just my opinion, which aint hardly finna stop nobodee.

What say you? Do you wear them, love them, hate them, have great experiences or horror stories?

Love You!




Well-Known Member
Feb 28, 2009
I do not wear them now, but I have in years past. And usually, that was only short-term as they are so damaging to your natural nail bed.

However, when I take care of them, my own nails grow long and nicely rounded. Sometimes, just clear polish alone makes them LOOK like I've got French Tips on but I don't.

I'm not much into them, never have been. If I have a special occasion to attend and my nails are not up-to-par, I MIGHT get some for a short while and then go back to my own.

But I haven't worn acrylics in YEARS.


Well-Known Member
Feb 28, 2009
As for your sudden growth, Destee, it may be a combination of your diet and your level of activity using your hands.

When I was younger, I even thought about being a "Hand Model."----I was always complimented on how lovely my hands were and a family member suggested I look into that industry....But, I discovered that's a lot of work to be so careful not to cut or scar your hands, moisturizing, etc.. and my life just didn't lend itself to that! LOL

I have a cousin, though, who has never had much hair or nails...The only time she had some hair and nails was when she was pregnant....Her skin cleared up and her hair and nails grew like crazy.....I used to tease her and tell her she had that "HIGH-PRO GLOW!" :lol: She's never been an ugly woman, but when she was pregnant, she was absolutely beautiful!

But, you aint "expecting" no more "packages," I'm sure! lol...j/k

Jan 22, 2001
betwixt and between
Website Consultant
Thanks Sister Cherry for sharing.

You know, it's weird, kinda like a perm.

We damage the already healthy gift from God, to sport the fake stuff.

It makes no logical sense at all. We're so caught up in the conditioning, we can't even reason for ourselves.

Even if it is for a man, trying to woo him and stuff, he's eventually gonna know what our real stuff looks like ... :eeek:

Who are we fooling? Ourselves?

But really, I could see putting on some fake ones for a special occasion or something, but that aint the kind of business fueling this industry ... it's repeated trips to these salons, on a very regular basis.

Well ... okay ... let me stop, for it's clear my position on this.

I'm glad my Daughter stopped wearing them ... :toast:



Jan 22, 2001
betwixt and between
Website Consultant
Uh Oh Yall ... i got more information ... :nono:

Prior to starting this thread, I had called my Daughter to confirm the cost of maintaining fake / acrylic nails. I didn't get to talk to her then, so I estimated the $40.00 a month mentioned above. Well, my Daughter got back with me, and told me the cost to maintain fake nails, as well as a bit more information.

First of all, depending on where you are in the country, it could cost anywhere from $60.00 - $80.00 per month. She said that the first time you get your nails done, is called a "full set" and can cost about $40 - $50.00. Then, your nails MUST BE DONE every 2 weeks or so, a "fill" to keep the nails looking pretty and stuff.

She said that you can't really get them done just once, for one occasion. She said you could do this, but your nails are going to look all jacked up after about 2 weeks. In addition, with the first installation of fake nails, the damage to your nail bed is done, so you may as well keep it up from that point. She said the damage comes in, because the nail techs have to shave so much of the bed of your nail off / down, in order for the fake / acrylic to sit up there properly. If they don't file down your real nail bed (ruining and damaging it), then the fake / acrylic will sit up too high. Plus, the fake holds better if the bed is rough, and not smooth.

She said this process is akin to getting a perm, in that, there's no real quitting after that. Yes, you can quit, but the damage has already been done to your nail bed ... and you have to start all over, building your nail bed back up ... even after wearing them just once.

When you go back in 2 weeks, to get the fake nails maintained, they have to file down the "new growth" of your nail bed again. This process continues to make the nail bed weaker, but is necessary to keep the fake / acrylic nail from having to sit so high, and to look nice and neat.

She said if you don't get them done every 2 weeks, then the chance is greater that you'll have to get a whole new "full set" like at the beginning. I guess because you've let it go too long, to just make it look pretty with a "touch-up." She said that a "full set" should and can last a year (she believes) if maintained properly (every 2 weeks).

She said that with these fake / acrylic nails, you can't really scratch. The fake nails just don't feel the same. They aren't sharp or have the kind of edge that can soothe an itch. Your fake nails can't be used as a weapon either, if necessary. She said, like some folk are found with DNA under their nails, from defending themselves ... well ... that can't happen with fake nails. They are really just for show, with no practical purpose like our regular nails.

She said the damage is done after the first set of fake nails. It does not take multiple sessions to achieve this end.

I said to her, so it's like crack, one hit and you're hooked?

She said, not quite Momma.

I know Sisters are not wanting to hear me (or anyone probably) talk about this, as many of us do it.

I think we need to stop all the fake stuff! Even our little girls are doing these fake nails, under 18 years of age.

We are providing the wrong examples to the babies.

Love You!



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