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    Failure to Launch
    America isn’t a Country it’s a Corporation
    By Andre Austin
    When Obama became president in 2008 it was given the analogy of man landing on the moon in 1969 everyone thought was impossible. We have a black president but the condition of black folks haven’t changed. The masses of the poor are still poor and many struggle to find food to eat.
    I’m glad we have a black president because we can teach the masses that our salvation is not with politics but from within ourselves. The American dream isn’t realized for 45 million blacks in the USA with one black family in the white house that couldn’t convert one Confederate state. The GOP and DNC are running out of gimmicks. Next we will have a female president, then a Latino but the 5% of the rich are hoarding 95% of the wealth. We get symbolism while the rich get substance. We have the WH pledging allegiance to other countries almost bending over but refuse to address the poor within the boundaries of the land of the free (those out of debt) and home of the brave (dupes for Military/Police industrial complex), who work for corporations.
    We have black nationalist who are advocating blacks collect nickels and dimes (literally) in place it in a black bank so that land can be bought so that we can give ourselves our own economic freedom. After all the New slavery is debt, prison corporations and low performing schools. We have to merge out of all this talkie talk about talking about the Plan and launch the plan. Chicago, we have a problem… to execute The Plan so that it can launch.
    The last time blacks bought shares for a black cause for freedom was Marcus Garvey’s UNIA movement which was inspired by the works of Booker T Washington. And you see what happened the white dragon, 33rd degree mason J. Edgar Hoover came down on Garvey and the UNIA like a ton of bricks. Lets do it again, eliminating the mistakes of the past. We down need to physically travel to another continent but we can spiritually travel and trade with debit cards transaction with all of the people of color around the globe.
    When Obama launched his campaign for president and won he landed in the WH but he didn’t take the poor with him. He didn’t look back and throw a rope so that we could get over the cliff. He Passover us and painted the banks, wall street and big time corporations houses in the red and left everyone else to fade to black.
    I say to Chicago we have a failure to launch.