Black Poetry : Fading

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    She sees me as I see her searching
    for something inside herself.
    Her eyes hide mystery.
    Almost as if she is pining for the
    answers she seek within my windows.
    I'm kept captive by the innocence in
    her smile.
    I can't provide her with what she wants
    but I know her needs can be met with a
    little help from my experience in this
    In hopes that we can build.
    I can't shield her from the wicked ways
    of the world we call humanity,
    but I can help her seek shelter in her
    Granted I haven't been given a lot to
    work with,
    I'm a make due with what I got.
    i have all of eternity to spend in the
    presence of her ebony essence.
    She has twenty centuries to spend in my
    circle of sunsets.
    The circumstances that led me to this
    awkward situation puzzles me.
    I figure anything circumstantial can serve to be substantial to its recipient.
    I move in for a close observation of this magnificent specimen to see if my seeing
    eye is telling me that what I spy is a lie.
    It's not.
    My next move is a motion made toward a touch,
    but a second of hesitation can lead to
    a lifetime of not knowing if we could
    have built something solid.
    I telepathically send subliminal messages
    to her, hoping she can read my mind.
    "Instruct me to where you keep the key
    that unlocks your innermost desires."
    Her response assures me that she must have heard every unspoken word cause she
    kissed me with a whisper.
    The scene was set for my scrawny structure and her fragile figure to fade into each other.