Black Poetry : Facts renown not dumb he cever back down from his words, they're dope aware hope will elevate his game and devastate broke brains, will eventually rep


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May 11, 2006
Facts renown not dumb
he never back down from
his words, they're dope aware hope
will elevate his game and devastate broke
brains, will eventually repair them so
he keep the heat on be street strong know
a light at the end of the rainbow
got things great in my cabinet
but can't break the habit
of looking at fine chicks
lot of things come to mind quick
my plans great
but have me in the hands of fate
see a KOREAN girl with the right stuff
so really tonight he wanna huff and puff
she has what it take
some butt and cake
“LOOK BOO I'm top notch
and ready to play hop scotch
so lets draw some squares
and get into raw affairs
he's a hot shot with a drop top
we can eat bulgoggi and then car dar
choggi, you got swell hips
and he's well equipped
she must tell him to strip
girl have them oriental yellow thighs
and they sweaty and stay ready
so boo how about a cake date?
In PUSAN and TAEGU anticipate
we're gonna kiss and stuff late
nights doe feel the weight of a sword
yo hey there's freight on board
NAW PLAYER my panties stay wet
so play on playette
may have flown in a jet
tonight my menu
give me insight into
escape on date
have to run away
boys wanna have fun and play
got tons to say about that
at the bar a boy had her against
the wall so who you gonna call? Convince
he wanted some bad he jest kissed
her lips and reminisce
it was a hot act
stopped her in her tracks
she wearing a miniskirt
oh gosh she's so hot down there
panties soaked juice around everywhere
well “OK BOO your lips red and sweet
so I'm ahead of the fleet
plus his menu is bright
on into the night
may as well continue the chase
to stay an infidel don't win the race
want far more advantages
go the SUBWAY and adore sandwiches
want frontiers and empires
over come fears and desires
the plot used is not smooth it
could lead to a rough road and split
brains like served water melons quit
stepping to this stuff, so boo you a fine
hot chick with chop sticks no crime
if boys stop quick jest to lick your body
now we in VIRGINIA BEACH the party
started so dearly departed lots of Bacardi
on the table, so boo my ride is outside
got a plan wise interior sanitize got pride
NAW PLAYER we here in the ghetto so
lets go I'm a thrill phat boo
but what good will that do
may as well take your lil hat off to
me, went to the car he kissed her lips
right there in the parking lot her mind trips
your flow tall and unknown
but we can all go home
may have a love Jones
you could end up in this car alone
oh KOREAN GIRLS go through a lot
a phenomenon in the hood
sex is for the common good
princess Anne road out front
this stuff a load tougher than a stump
he wanna jump between her thighs
into the cream pies and get sexual highs
wimps fill KEMPSVILLE

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