Chief Elder Osiris : Facts And Fictions, One Is More Popular In The Mind Of Black People Than The Other

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    Facts And Fictions, One Is More Popular In The Mind Of Black People Than The Other

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    There Is Much More Where This Come From

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    Fact is consummated by experience, reality is the result of such a union, but fiction is without a companion that can be verified, and in its company is only, illusion.

    Philosophy is an indication of Meditated Thought translated into ideas, soon to become your created invention of reality, it being based upon, fact or fiction, depending upon the quality of Mind in the action of Thinking or Believing, which is presenting to you the fact or fiction of life activity, in the realm of your Body living.

    So, to be political incorrect in your Belief, will have you to be naturally corrected in your Thinking, because the nature of life is not political, but is Divine Thought.

    The mind that popularize fiction is a mind afraid of Divine Truth, and it is a fictionalize mind you must not place trust in, because a mind of fiction is an act with a purpose to deceive, and Black people have been made to show respect to a lie over being honorable to Divine Truth, and there is no room for stability in fictional belief parading as fact.

    Great philosophers have come and gone, leaving their mind print on the wall of life, but wisdom does not belong to contriving minds.

    Wisdom, it is there for the Mind that follows a path that is set and certain about the calisthenics of life, the body, soul, and mind.

    A fictional mind is one that do not inform Black people about the facts of our lives, therefore our children are left without a wise guide to provide protection for them.

    It is evil to not teach our children the facts of life, our lives, informing them that all that glitter is not automatic of great value to life, and that education is not as rigid and plain as let on to be.

    So, without a wise guide in life, you have only the inexperience believing mind to teach and guide the children, and it is such inexperience that now hold sway over the mind of our children.

    It is the fictional mind that cause the fashion of baggy pants, so large until to have them hanging showing what should be private to the child, and where there is no sense of value of individual privacy, you become a public display of an uneducated child, with the parent being to blame of such a maladjusted child, on the path of life.

    Freedom is about life facts that secures an unrestricted mind, the fact being that you must Think your way through life and not believe about life.

    A life motivated by the facts that reveal an undaunted Truth, require for you to use all of the faculties of your Body life, and when you do, then you will be able to look to see, and know the facts of life, which is that you can not enjoy life without freedom, and freedom is an unrestricted agent of Divine Truth and Reality.

    So, in the life of Divine Truth, not fiction, it become clear for all to see, that freedom is your life goal.

    So do not settle for a second string life, because on such a level, wisdom is not present, just belief, faith, and hope, the three musketeers of the vanity of ego, envy, and jealousy, they being the spiritual representative of a profane mind.

    Save the Child and preserve the Nation, because without Divine Factual teaching, the child become fair game to be deceive into believing that the fiction of life being taught in the disguise of being factual, does in fact cause more harm, than safety.

    Freedom is away from confinement, and prison is in confinement, so to teach the child to strive to be free, and not give the child the tools to make it so, such is cruelty to the child, making you out to be a liar and deceiver to the child, about Freedom and independence for the Black life.

    Restricted confinement and unrestricted freedom rest at two opposite extremes, each pole is at a different location in life from the other.

    So, to teach the child that freedom can be experienced by striving for community development, such mislead the child into believing that all can be well in the presence of evil, and America is an evil environment to Black people.

    Where there is no Freedom and Justice for a people to enjoy, such serve to be the fact that Black people are not free, because freedom is not present in the midst of evil, and it is evil that prevent Reparation to be paid to our Enslaved Ancestors.

    Freedom take you away from enforced confinement, and as long as Black people are without our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation, Freedom will continue to escape the Black Child, and a Black child that is in prison, serve to make it known that the Black Nation reside in solitary confinement, the dungeon that serve as Lucifer Religion, it being the vanguard of fiction, fantasy, and illusion, the mind of a profane life for the body that is Black claiming to be Human.

    So, the moral of this post is that there can be no freedom, independence, and sovereign state to be located in America, for Black people, such is the fiction that can not be made into fact.

    So, the fact is, when freedom ring for black people, the bell is to toll in Afrika, where the potential lies for freedom, independence, sovereignty, and justice for all Black Afrikan, to be in Afrika.

    Multiculturalism is a caste to be placed around the mind of Black people, it serves to be an evil that is against Black people maintaining their natural identity.

    So, for Black people to pursue such a culture to be an exposition of a society, is to commit Mental suicide, because the Brain organ of the Black Body life is wired completely different from all the Multicultural participants, and without Black people participation, Multiculturalism is without an evil cause.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    Fact and Fiction, such are the two dynamics to the Black life, either we go for Divine Freedom, or we go for profane confinement, which will be the Mental standard you will choose to pursue, and if freedom is your drive, then Reparation must be your desire for the prize, freedom.

    Because, in Black people pursuit, freedom and Reparation must be, and is, synonymous, one to the other, in a pursuit of a Black Afrikan Status that Demand Respect.

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved.



    Chief Elder

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