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    I recieved this in an email a few days ago. I was hesitant in posting as I'm not one to promote "working for" at this age, yet....until such time as folks are able to develop all those bizniz options they have brewing, this may come in handy.

    If you have or know kids between the ages of 18-31 with a high school

    The Federal Aviation Association is taking applications for air traffic
    controller school. We all have kids and know kids in the right age group
    (under 31) and with some effort they could reach a salary of over $100,000
    with benefits in about 3 years. You need only a high school diploma to
    apply and credit is given for college on the exam.

    They need to go to for
    Aviation Careers

    details and to fill out the application immediately - even if they don't
    know if they'd want to attend immediately - it's the federal government and
    it may take them months to call. The key is to apply NOW. There will be a
    lot of retirements coming up rather quickly and they need to line up
    training to accommodate these openings. It's my understanding that the FAA
    rarely has an open application such as this and that the jobs are coveted.
    The person who shared this has a 28 year old daughter who is well into 6
    figures and has plenty of time for travel/recreation and has started another
    career on the side.

    This is a great opportunity and it should be noted that choosing a site like
    Anchorage or Indianapolis to train is a likely acceptance into the training
    program - after-which you can transfer anywhere in the country that has a

    I hope you pass this information on to family, friends,etc.

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    Thanks for the post truetothecause. Our kids need to know that they have every option for employment as everyone else does. I am employed with the federal Government myself, I also own my own business on the side, in either case, I work for myself, because that is the only reason I exert the energy necessary to make a living. Anyway you cut it, most people are going to have to work for a business or government. It really takes a lot of sacrifice to start a business all alone and it is quite risky too..