Black Poetry : F words for Florida

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    F words for Florida

    The Florida film flam foiled our desires
    And our fighting plans for freedom
    We are fed up with the fornication of lies
    Of the rights of man you fog up with a bias formula of counting

    Frances Beery contacts the FBI
    But what shall they forecast?
    Their laboratories are liken to a wild forest
    No forensic evidence JA will find

    Why has thou forsaken me?
    I scream foul Cause I’m being frank and fluent
    Our voting machines were as old as some fossils
    Whereas the fortunate frost face counties flourish to the finish line

    We holler cause we flunked and fumbled the fuzzy vote test
    Our eyes were focused on a name but it floated to another
    Blame it on the butter and his fly , it got flawed up
    I don’t like this foreplay, its rough on my flesh like fungus
    Supreme Court was a fox in a fleece of a Panthers fur

    Freeze from treating us like children of a fetus and a foster child
    Unless you want me to flex my forearms to your forehead
    And dispatch a flank and fleet of black feet and mount a black flag
    To reclaim the victory by force to out wit the Florida fraud

    Cant preach in Detroit on faith when its fake
    It smells like a skunk **** I cant take the funk
    Agreed the foundation of a family between two who are familiar
    But marriage of religion and state will be our downfall

    Dante says: “The church of Rome confounds
    Two powers in itself ; into the filth
    It falls and fouls itself and its new burden”

    I say its all in the funds
    And its three fat millions reasons why
    Parks inked the letter for you and her foundation
    But my soul will never be like a fly in a spiders web

    Don’t be like Felix the Governor or the feline cat
    Who flushes down factions who don’t bounce to his flute
    Do you wanna be our friends or just our foes?
    We aren’t fawns or pawns in the game, man we carry votes by freights

    You can’t solve the problem by holding a festival and feed,
    I want more than a fruit I want a piece of the pie;
    But I can’t eat it cause you took the flour
    We don’t want to hear any fictional excuses either
    My book says I should forgive and forget
    I figure I will until two, zero, zero four

    Until then lets form a rainbow forum; although it’s frigid
    Where everyone is working in the franchise
    So lets move forward and start anew and fresh
    Because god frowns on all who F..K around
    And he will light the fuse for hell

    By Andre Austin
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    Chicago: Overlooking the Sea called Love
    This one here be tight!! I like the flow!!