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    When their is gonna be something
    Important said for my sake
    It won't be behind your back
    Cause mine is holding the chip
    That needs to be shook off.
    Can't weight me down
    My muffins speak long grained and balanced.
    A few stretched commas to break the manotomy.
    Entering something new
    Always brings out a different view
    That new school hip hop
    Been around since man had eye's to see
    Both hips hopping w/ that smooth stride.
    Then that rock that awoke the roll
    was a devil's music by few
    The rock rolling down the hill.
    No one knew it came from the soul
    Was that the reason the rock had to begin somehow
    Logically speaking
    Has been a pertinent way of ostersizing the obvious
    Like melodies
    If the chords connect correctly for you.
    Music will be heard as your life's blues
    How them drums become added in,
    Which will never be forgotten,
    Should be felt and never feared.
    Open circles are needed for the suns' energy
    To encompass our motivation to get connecting the vibration
    vs. Getting off beat for the sake of your hip hopping attitude.
    Get in tune to tone your no beat having
    As wanting to be up.
    B4 you fall in the river of no currents on that as to stay alive.
    Ask urself where my vibe is coming from.
    In order to ask for a pumping
    Mackanism you can work with
    Stay safe.
    Work with what sh Momma gave you.