Black Poetry : Eyes on a Rainbow


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Jul 26, 2001
By Andre Austin

My eyes caught the sight of a conglomerate of many hues
Explain how does its colors stacks its form
I’m no scientist so I have no clues
I wish life would be a rainbow and be the norm

God wants the red, yellow, white and others by each other’s side
Manufactured in a perfect harmony but we are separated too far and wide

I could stare all day upon this rainbow
This is something only the divine could sow

The picture could never be what my naked eyes saw
Why can’t mankind be like this bow synonymously
We refused to be beautifully interwoven but stay unthawed and raw
Stubborn and don’t want to know one another so we remain anonymously

At the end they say it has a pot full of gold
But god gives it freely without its love being sold

At its end not gold but congealed diamonds
Crystallized like frozen water in the sky
I wish they could reappear every day on a command from Simon
This would keep smiles from a cry dry

Note: Your not going to believe me but this poem actually helped me crack the case to the queston of Who’s the real bride of Jesus ?. Also I unconsconsouly made reference. I read some quotes from 1971 American Bible society which was distributed by some Lutherans. When I talked about gods love of Diamonds/water not being sold this was a quote from Rev 21:6-7 “To the thirsty I will give from the fountain of the water of life without payment” Then in Rev chapter 22:1 it said “Then he showed me the river of the water of life, bright as crystal”. Also see Rev: 10: 6 for the word rainbow. A person like the son of man comes off a cloud with crown of gold, rev 14:1

. I was unaware that I unconsciously cited these quotes in my poem. I was amazed when I found out what I did. The ancient’s philosophers like Socrates felt poets were under spells from god. Socrates in his conversations to Ion said “God takes the mind out of the poets, and uses them as his servants. But god himself is the speaker and through them he shows his meaning to us [sometimes]”

In Plato’s book two of the Republic concepts of Socrates ideal city {Christianity New city of Jerusalem). In this city was described as a banquet of the saints were their wages for good deeds were in “Eternal intoxication” and the people in Hades would have to fetch the water. This was written 400 years before Jesus. Jesus in the Gospel of John talked about the water being “Eternal life”. But before Plato got this point of Eternal intoxication” in heaven an allusion to a man is given. This man fits the perfect description of Jesus and Osiris.Plato talked about a just man made to appear unjust. Plato mentioned four things, which are connectable to Jesus. 1. “This man should be a craftsmen, Jesus was a Carpenter. 2.He must be stripped naked of all but justice, and made the opposite of the former; doing no wrong, we all know Jesus was stripped bare while on the cross. 3.The just man will be scourged, racked, chained, have his eyes burnt out; at last, after every kind of misery, he will set up on a pole;” Well Jesus was hung on a tree just like Osiris. We know from Diodorus that Seth/Satan pulled the eyes out of Osiris but were replaced.4. Then Plato goes on saying people should be married then he started talking about the “Eternal intoxication”. -See Book 2 Now if this isn’t the forerunner to the bible then I’m flying.

Andre Austin


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