Black Poetry : EYES of YOUR MUSE redux


Jul 2, 2003
I'm glad to be with you right now
Time moves, clock ticks and turns
I woke up early, but stayed out late
Feeling this I have something to say !

~~~°° Eyes of Your Muse °°~~~

The eyes
Are the windows to the soul
Let me step into you
°° °°° °° °°° °°
For you are the Muse
That beats a heart
Looking deep down
Into your soul.
~~ ~~ ~~
Opened my eyes
You'll see
I'll be here.
°° °°° °° °°° °°
Don't come up for air,
Yes it's good to be.
In your window
°°°°° °°°°°
Yes muse me again
Inspire me flow _ In
So I write to get out
How I feel.
°° °°°°°°°°°°
So glad to see
That you're here
Standing with Me
As I look
Into your soul
The windows of your eyes
we gaze communicate
when other things are not
enough to convey the depth
of what is felt
you see looking into
those brown beauties
leads me on a journey
that carries me to the deepest
recesses of your soul
where peace and tranquillity are stored
once there i sit beside and then sip
from the Ancestors Well of Love
their healing libations ladled
lovingly all throughout you
yes my him as I (smile) and stare
guide me with your godly gaze


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