Black Poetry : Eyes Lifted UP


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Hey fam...Been having a bad case of Writers' Block.....

Lifting up mine eyes unto the hills
I feel the presence of your glory
Helping me
Comforting me
Healing me
When everyone else has left
You are still here for me
Through heartaches and pains
You keep me in the hollow of your hand
Wiping away my tears
I pray for others
Yet who prays for me?
When I’m in need
Who can I call?
When I need a word
Who is there for me?
Sometimes I get tired of being strong
Sometimes I just want to cry
But yet you give me the strength to go on
No one can see just how afraid I am
No one can see how the loneliness tries to creep in
To swallow me in its depths of torment
Yet I know your love is ever present and you are always there
To deliver me from all my fears
This is why I lift up mine eyes
For I know that soon the sun will rise
Morning will come
The night shall be over
And the weeping shall be no more.


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