Black Poetry : eye of the STORM

Street So'ja

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Mar 19, 2001
Brooklyn, New York
hi ya doing
i'm assuming
a Storm is brewing
shread my soul to ruin
as i start to pursuing

man i ain't sweatin'
NY to Cali connection
3000 miles a mere fact of expression
East to Westin'
the love bug is what i'm addressin
interest is there no need for guessing

reading your scribes make me feel pleasant
my Storm from the Desert
my true essence
meetin' ya a pure blessing

hit ya from 3000 miles
all smiles
from the chicago to the bayou
i like you
so i write you

a serenade
from the conclave
a new page
the world's stage
out wit the old in wit the new ways

Desert Storm & Da Street So'ja
done showed ya
done told ya
you can't get ova

from west to the east
the connection's complete
beaches of Cali meets "Da Streets"

and So'ja will hold ya down no diggy
in the "Da Streets" in 5 boroughs of my city


nuthin' but love Desert Storm
as Always
when you coming east

I don't know... I reallly want to go to New York though this summer. Just for the opportunities if nothing else. How you doing? Everything's been fine wit me. Pretty much. Hope to see ya around sometime here at destee, more often. Missed ya, Missed readin ya scribes and everythang! Yeah, I remember this poem lol. Thanks a lot for reaching me. You really make my day, babe. Thanks. Keep your hopes alive and everythang!
Desert Storm


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