going above and beyond
Feb 19, 2001


going above and beyond
Feb 19, 2001
What EXXON/MOBIL management really predicted was if they don't want their shareholders stocks to devalue 30% or more which would incur serious scrutiny by the SEC they better ramp up a fake "liar liar pants on fire" campaign to discredit the rapidly growing in credibility and more so global popularity environmentalist (With the Ralph Nader mindset) with documented proof from the scientific community who had no dogs in the energy race. A little known dirty little factual secret was The Rockefeller Criminal Dynasty helped bankroll ESSO when in 1970 a gallon of gas was .37 cents then shot up to $1.19+ a gallon by 1980. Things were going good until The Koch Brothers bankrolled EXXON/MOBILS con-job with a scathing indictment of The Rockefeller Crime Commission which caused the Rockefellers to threaten to defund EXXON/MOBIL by selling off all their stock. The EXXON/VALDEZ incident was only a blip on their already sullied reputation. When old money want's their cash cows to weather storms of decency and fair play they call on their global control puppets the UN to bail out their golden egg laying corporate geese like EXXON/MOBIL, BP-OIL, GE, AT&T, BOA, MONSANTO, BAYER, GLAXO/SMITH-KLINE and HALLIBURTON with some trumped up "Wag the dog" 3rd. world benevolent project usually involving Sub Saharan Africa.

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More like they realized what correcting the problem would cost them

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