Chief Elder Osiris : Extremism Based Upon Want As A Goal And Not Need, Is Immoral!!!

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    Extremism Based Upon Want As A Goal And Not Need, Is Immoral!!!

    There Is Much More Where This Come from.
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    Keep Sharing The Divine Truth And Maybe, Just Maybe Somebody Black Might Hear You.

    It is past Time for Black people in America Diaspora to repeat the action taken by Black people in the sixties, but whose goal will be not based upon want, but on Need, and Black people must have an extreme goal, which must be Freedom.

    Extremism used without the objective being justice for all involved in such a revolt, is not Divine.

    The use of extremism that is not in pursuit of independence is not just, and become an action that is evil.

    When in pursuit of your freedom, there is no use of restraint, because freedom is an attribute of your Divinity.

    So Beloved, when I see the inaction of Black people today, the people who are holding the championship record of being oppressed, repressed, and is choosing to be without having the experience of justice, independence, and joy that come with freedom, then I see a people claiming to be not with a higher order of Universal Natural Moral imperative, who now is without the motivation to resume such a life living condition.

    Black people are now a people who now live without the Mind of their Ancient Cosmic Divine first Way Ancestors, and to function on such a low level of mental action, have you to be more in pursuit of your wants in life, than what your life need, which is your Divine Ancestors mind back.

    It being a mind that had you to be Divine universal Beings, and not lowly Black Afrikan Human Beings.

    Beloved, it is the Black Afrikan Human Being today, that has no motivation to become extreme in your action, having freedom as your goal.

    Black people, you have become conditioned to be relax in your state of self ignorance, and when you have been made to believe that the Black life is meant to be servants and not workers, soldiers and not warriors, the end result you get from such mental debasement, is what you now get when you look at Afrika and a people of Afrika who have been made to be comfortable in being dictated to in life.

    So call democracy is the most dangerous and deceiving system of governing that have a people of Divine descendants believing that submission is more attune to them than rejection, not realizing that when life living is without the Extremism in pursuit of Freedom, then that life has the obligation to reject that which hold you in captivity without just cause.

    Today, the so call Black Afrikan live a life of self ignorance with a low mental belief about yourselves.

    You do so, because you now are without the caliber of mind that give to you the stimulation to be respected and free.

    Beloved, without your Divine Mind, you have not the desire to use extreme action that is required of you to demand and obtain your Enslaved Ancestors Reparation, the symbol and verification of your freedom, it now remain in the hand of your Enslaved Ancestors oppressors, still today.

    In the sixties, Black people displayed an action of extremism in order to knock down the wall of Segregation, I know that to be Divinely true, because I was a part of that action, the action was correct, but the goal was not, as you now see today, serving as a living witness of the error which your parents made during that Time, the error that cause you to be still without our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation, and when being without your Enslaved Ancestors Reparation, then any extremism used without the goal being Reparation, it confine you to an objective that will insure your ignorance of self, the Black so call Afrikan self, I am referring to here.

    The ignorance of self, serve as a weapon against yourselves, which is what is causing Black people in America to be self defeating.

    Because you must come to see, you have been made to have no knowledge of your Black selves that serve as a motivation giving to you a desire to act in defense of yourself.

    A people in need of self defense and is not of an awareness of such a need, is a people who allow themselves to be told what to want for your lives and never what your lives need.

    It is a profane mental posture that Black people are in and it keep Black people sedated to the point that it cause Black people to become timid, complacent, and weak against other than yourselves.

    You kill each other at will, but you bow to those who enslave, abuse and kill you.

    Such a nonactive state of Mind, is what reveal that Mind to be in captivity, and is not Divinely active, and a mind without being the generator of extreme action to protect yourselves while being held unjustly, is a mind that is profane, in its action to justify you to remain a slave under the pretense of being free.

    Afrika is being taken one state of a plot of land at a time, and the Black Afrikan now serve as a cheer leader to the action that is causing the demise of Afrika and the disunity of the Black so call Afrikan today.

    Beloved, extremism in pursuit of Reparation is no vice, it is the action that verifies that a people in need of their Enslaved Ancestors reparation will be justified in using extreme measures that will bring honor and respect to our Enslaved Ancestors.

    Here we are in the era of a time that cause a Renaissance to take place in the mind that has been made to remain asleep.

    Yet, the people been made to be in the deepest sleep of all, Black Afrikan People, you choose to ignore this Time, as we remain passive in pursuit of secondary objectives, they being advancement, achievement in the box of integration/assimilation, civil rights that has no standing of measurement with Universal Rights.

    Universal Rights, have serving as its representative, Independence , Justice, Joy, and Freedom, which is acquainted with the Life of the Divine Being.

    Today, the so call Black Afrikan been made to become Black Afrikan Human Beings, serving under the edits and dictate of the Devil, Satan, Lucifer the Human Being, he who now control the secondary mind now being used by the Black Afrikan Human Being.

    A Nation that refuse to learn from its past, is destine to die in the present of its self ignorance!!!

    The sixties taught us that the use of extreme action in pursuit of Civil Rights, and not in pursuit of our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation, served to have been a vice against freedom to come to Afrika and Unity to a divide Black Afrikan Nation.

    The Time is now for Black Afrikans to use extreme action to cause revolting chaos in pursuit of our Enslaved Ancestors reparation, which represent freedom for Afrika and the so call Black Afrikan people.

    There Is no greater goal that justify extreme action to Be used against Injustice Than Our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation!!!

    Time has made it available for you Black people to correct the error of the goal chose in the sixties, we must make it right in this Time of Mind, conscious, Spiritual Awakening.

    So, which will it be beloved, Civil Rights for the Black Human Being or Divine Right of Freedom through Reparation for The Divine Black Life?

    There is no Universal Human Rights, Humanity is not universal, only Divinity is Universal in the nature of action, Human is made to be restricted to the made to be identified to this Earth, by Lucifer.

    Be Kind To your Self, Beloved.

    Chief Elder
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