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Nov 2, 2009
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"In Due Time"
(feat. Cee-Lo (Goodie Mob))

You just keep your faith in me
Don't act impatiently
You'll get where you need to be
In due time
Even when things are slow
Hold on and don't let go
I'll give you what I owe
In due time

[Verse One:]​
When that * be thinkin of cruisin'​
The Braves cap is to the side​
Thinkin' the police's gonna pull me over​
With this urb off in my ride​
So I hide the brick of weed​
Under the arm rest, under the leather​
Thinkin' of startin ways​
To make my life a little better​
Then the dope peddler​
Never pay no pay no taxes​
Taking a chunk up out my check​
And making my rhymes just look like practice​
Buyin' clothing, Range Roving​
With my folks​
Don't speak about the Dirty South​
My crew ain't bout no jokes​

I know some people don't like the way we flow​
Because they envy​
They talking bout they * my *​
And that they could have been me​
You looking to me the butterfly​
Without the caterpillar​
Take your time and do it right​
Cause you gonna make it​
I swear my ngga​
Or collapse one​
Falling a victim to your greed boy​
You're looking to me Big Willie​
But you're still a seed boy​
The information in my skull​
Be pokin' some of you all on the shoulder​
But on the other side of the fence​
They got yall breakin' boulders​
For quick money​

Struggle is just a part of my day​
Many obstacles have been placed in my way​
I know the only reason that I make it through​
Is because I never stop believing in you​
Some people wonder why we're here in the 1st place​
They can't believe because they ain't never seen your face​
But even when you pray, the next day you gotta try​
Can it wait for nobody to come down out the sky​
You've got to realize that the world's a test​
You can only do your best and let him do the rest​
You've got your life, you've got your health​
So quit procrastinating and push it yourself​
You've got to realize that the world's a test​
You can only do your best and let him do the rest​
You've got your life, you've got your health​
So quit procrastinating​
You just keep your faith in me​
Don't act impatiently​
You'll get where you need to be​
In due time​
Even when things are slow​
Hold on and don't let go​
I'll give you what I owe​
In due time​

[Verse 2:]​
Who said good folks is not supposed to die​
The same the same that said that said you not supposed to cry​
United States giveth not milk and cheese to pacify​
I'm sure they got a cure for AIDS, but yet it's classified​
You wonder why I spit the truth and not 2 make no dough​
To make a difference fo' this muthafuka up and blow​
In pieces, I could think of many reasons​
Only when things is going bad you want to holla Jesus​
or pledge allegiance, they got my knuckles bleeding​
From crawling , got these got these thinking they ballin'​
When they isn't, don't take my word,​
it's nggas off in prison That will tell you,​
that's locked up for a long time and won't sell you​
No flex, so congregation will turn your text,​
To the book of OutKast, chapter two, verse one​
The first one, that feel me jump up and make a joyful noise​
You're OutKasted, meaning you now have a choice like that​
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