Black Poetry : Express when I write so don’t test me tonight it’s best to be tight

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    Express when I write so don’t test me tonight it’s best to be tight
    When I rhyme and then its time to drop a verse get props first awight?
    In this matter I shatter the data that’s on the computer with all my might
    Spark flames and leave marks on brains then bark like lame dogs oh bow
    Wow wow, have a gloomy fate and it’s time to communicate wow somehow
    With society and drop a variety of verses, legit and very alert and produce
    Literary work go to the dairy milk cows and squirt milk in jars flow like juice
    I’m a farm boy and rap never harm or annoy anyone and I got plenty done
    Over time, hitting nerds with written words it’s forbidden to be absurd son
    Post rhymes from coastline to coastline and this stuff roast minds like peanuts
    You can ask PLANTER’S some of these cats got trash for manners see sluts
    Watching the movie scanners that stuff is not the real deal have a group
    Quotes put loops in ropes, hangem high like CLINT EASTWOOD oops!
    My art is lame and will cause a sharp pain in the brains of the whack
    Have a real feel for rap so this is a pleasure to read drop hot facts
    And treasure the creed of just being able to flow look I learned
    Grammar but concerned over the glamour of wordplay it turned
    My life around and now nice with nouns like THOMAS HEARNS
    The streets of the hood treats me good but drugs put them to wrong
    Use and long abuse can effect your life need correct advice from home
    To succeed, because if you gamble enough you get handle rough while
    Behind bars be locked up they won’t let you out ask AKON it’s no style
    In that, in an inexact sense with facts I convince folks like them news channels
    So online I fought because whack cats find fault in my skills bought pills
    To ease the pain got a headache because one misled fake criticized my ill
    Verse and it wasn’t witty or wise so I’m not thrilled with the outcome so it filled
    Me with grief but manage to build a chief vocab behind all this and now thrilled
    To write