Black Poetry : Explain Stuff at the Club


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May 11, 2006
Explain Stuff at the Club

Clean at the club feel extreme love seen thugs get into fights
But that menu ain’t bright we came tonight for a good time right?
See a dame in pink now my brain shrink gave her a plain wink
Alerting her cake it probably in a certain state of wetness a kink
In my rap as my nerves overlap, tried some colder rap “look boo
I took you to be free tonight no man that is” her booty shook too
Mellow like jello “so hello give me a date, look boo I eat spinach
To spark and must finish what I start got smooth skin not a blemish
Want lace and wine don’t let me waste your time wanna taste the divine
Juices between your thighs that where the cream pies lies it’s time
We get together, got brisk hype and dislike being a nobody seeing
A party and afterwards we can kiss and hug twist our love before fleeing
The club, car sparkling hot in the parking lot my appatus says go but
My status quo is in a state of flux need great luck just to get you up
For sex tonight” “RHYME you want sex and it’s sweet sorrow you’ll
Be on the street tomorrow bragging pants sagging about this wert duel
You had in bed as a lover in a different dismension sex is the mother
Of inventions you wear bling swelland you do your thing well go other
Stuff to think about doe, so hold your horses hear bold voices telling
Me not to have sex instead grab the kotex I see your **** is swelling
RHYME one time I was home alone walking around in gown and
Panties really itching in the kitchen hot galore heard a knock at the door plan
To put more clothes but didn’t oh golly it was this boy wanting to talk
All of a sudden I tried to button my gown I was stun no fun started to walk
In I couldn’t pushy him away oh he jest got my wet tongue right there
Couldn’t go anywhere seem the lights dim I couldn’t fight him well aware
He wanted my coochee hole bad, oh my HIPS HOPPED it got us lip locked
In the doorway, RHYME this guy is neat but I bet he’ll lie and cheat if I drop
My panties and let him have my wet candies, that’s just the dawg in him


Lyon King Admin.
Mar 21, 2001
At his finest when he visit da club cloud 9
tyte joint bruh !

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