Black Poetry : Expectations

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    You can call it my first heartbreak
    The first time I ever got stood up for a date
    The first time I ever loved someone so much I just wanted them to see me
    Even if it was that negative attention of blasting an alternative rock cd
    I never asked to be loved
    In the same sense I never asked to be ignored
    The very things you hate about me
    Are the things you created unknowingly

    Don't call him a deadbeat when he sits in the same house as me
    Call him a ghost
    'Cause even Casper had to breath
    Maligently tripping down stairs in the dead of night
    You were the walking hypocrisy
    Beer and cigarettes vacillating your breath
    We sat 5 feet away from each other on a 4 foot long sofa
    Acting as if we were familiar
    In your mother's living room
    During 4th of July get togethers
    The only time I kept my mouth shut
    And you opened yours
    Still that little boy
    Showing off to his whole family
    Like "look at me, look how successful I can be"

    Your wife's lip was bleeding last night
    And you called her crazy in front of her sons
    And you wonder why your oldest one has trust issues these days

    And bad attention is better than nothing
    So I'm sorry I had to crash the car a few times
    I'm sorry I snuck out
    And dated questionable boys
    The kind that tell you they're your daddy now
    And they kill your self-esteem and your pride
    But you are determined to never leave their side
    That ride or die bottom ***** type love
    I'm sorry I cussed you out a few times
    It was the only way to get a reply from you
    The first man to go months without speaking to me
    I was different
    But it should've been all the more reason to love me

    I'll be 22 soon
    And it's true
    I'm afraid to have a son who could so easily end up dead on CBS or NBC
    But I am eminently afraid of conceiving a daughter with a man who will treat her like she is invisible
    As if she is anything less than a Queen
    As if her genius should be silenced
    As if parenting and guardianship are interchangeable
    I am afraid of being a woman raising a girl with broken daddy fantasies
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    the near north
    what are the expectations?
    what is the jubilation in rejection
    the constant neglection
    begging the question

    What kinda relationship requires a woman to act out
    to get the man who's suppose to love her
    to notice her?

    (I'm just glad i'm not in it)

    like he's supposed to be scolding her
    instead of loving her
    and, yeah...there is a problem there
    but i'm not trying to solve it, hear

    let's make it clear

    a home gone wrong is a home alone
    a home alone isn't a home at all
    destined to fall for numbers one and two
    that means YOU.

    a couple is a couple...not one or the other
    i'm just saying
    ...get it together, brother
    or sister...
    whichever's the case
    it's a distance marathon
    not a twenty second race

    if you're living for negativity coz that's all you can get
    it's time to vammoose...hit the door...jet.
    coz begging for love will never get you the love you need
    so epen your eyes...pack your stuff...and just leave.

    expectation: happiness.


    just saying.

    WELCOME to the playground.:)
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