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    Peace Destee Family...

    This knowledge is not influenced by the view of a Christian, Muslim or Israelite, nor is this knowledge influenced by any secret society, cult or denomination. This knowledge is influenced by All of the Scriptures and related literature COMBINED, ABSENT of Religion.
    Continuing from Bulletin # 80; The descendants of Japheth... The so called main races of man-kind or a kind of man, are not considered races scientifically, but species. According to the western Caucasoid theology, they, the Caucasoid evolved from the Neanderthal. And according to their western Caucasoid theology, they originally resided in Europe and Asia, then expanded to Africa up to where some of them reside now which is in North America. There are five races or scientifically known species. The Caucasoid or the pale race, Mongoloid or the oriental race, Australoid pale race, who started on the same level as the Eurasiian ones, in the early middle Pleistocene. They stood still for half million years, after which the Pygmies, WHOM THEY SAY just appeared into existence. The Caucasoid also claim they are the first civilized race to walk the Planet Earth. The Caucasoid theology teach that different races originated out of the other, and they, the Caucasoid evolve out of the Ape Man, justifying their origins.
    As previously discussed, the Caucasoid race (species) evolved from the seed of Caanan, the son of Ham, who was the youngest son of Noah, also, Japheth's son Jawan, which means "clay", in the Aramic tongue (ancient Hebrew), is called the father of the Greeks, or in the beginning stages of their development, called the "Java Man". Through mixing with the daughters of the sons of Caanan of the tribe of Hivite,one named Iris, daughter of Shishakh and Seleuces.. The first Java Man, is actually the grandson of Japheth (second son of Noah), due to his son Jawan , who lived among and mixed his seed with the Amorites (mountain dwellers), the offspring becoming half originals.
    Before the Caucasoid began to evolve, the disease called Leproma or Leprosy had been "casted" upon Caanan (Nubian Albino) the son of Ham, who was the youngest son of Noah, for a sin that Ham committed. The seed of Caanan lived in caves, mixed their seed with jackals or dogs, and in time they descended to the level of animals, eating raw carcasses , walking on all fours,and suffering from the inherited disease of Leprosy. In the prehistoric days, there were no selected locations for a species to live.
    The third form of prehistoric man-kind or a kind of man, is the best known example of Homo-Sapiens, a group of people known as the Neanderthal. They lived in parts of Africa, Asia, and Europe.Their brain was as large as that of the modern man-kind. Their body was heavily built and they stood more than five feet tall. They were muscular, especially in the neck and shoulder region. The walls of their bones were very thick. One of their obvious traits are the bony ridge above the eyes, combined with a protruding lower face, which gave them a very robust appearance. The Peking Man or Edomite (oriental), falls between the Neanderthal European or cave man and the Java Greek, Paranthropus man. Their brain was larger and far more advanced in intelligence then the Java Man. They were hunters and killers by nature, and were one of the first prehistoric men to use fire, and they worshiped it. The fourth form of prehistoric man-kind, was the Cro -Magnon, that is very similar to the present day man-kind or kind of man. At the close of the ice age about twenty-five thousand years ago, the Cro-Magnon wiped out the Neanderthal that inhabited Europe, and then resided there, they later moved to Asia. The average height of the Cro-Magnon men was six feet to seven feet tall and erect. They were vastly superior in physique and intelligence and their skulls indicate an exceptionally large brain capacity, which was fifty-two ounces. Their faces were very broad with massive chins and high foreheads with woolly hair. This race or species, the Cro-Magnpn, flourished for fifteen thousand years until it was displaced by the Caspilan and the Aziloon invasions... to be continued...