Black Poetry : Exodus and Sondra....gone wrong!

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    Entangled in the sweet prophetic
    Paradigm that is you caused my left shoe
    To fall off and my right to be slowly untied

    Charlotte web caught me in loves
    High beams
    When you verbally smacked me from across
    The world, told me I was no-longer your cover girl

    My easy breezy beautiful smile
    Had been replaced by a line of smack
    That got you all wrapped in
    Dangers lines of communication

    My brown skin:
    Carmel body got you twisted cause you said:
    I like vanilla bean in my coffee
    With one lump of sugar

    I called you a lady but you were
    But a whore
    Opening your legs to poisonous
    Things that clogged your pores

    You try
    To replenish
    The permanent wrinkles
    That lay deep in your crack smile
    Oil of Olay and Calgon
    Couldn’t take you away from the lies you spread
    Like that apricot facemask

    Even when you tried to be honest
    All your lies caused
    So much hurt be then you were the “ “vanilla ice “, album I traded in
    To Tower for the New-Eveolution
    Indie had played so much
    Cause I drowned in my sorrow
    Like Progresso Chunky-Chicken Soup

    I was wrapped in your ********
    Cause you constantly dial 10-10-811
    To call me from hells hotel room
    My company you wanted to keep
    So you could turn my life in to misery

    Month after month I lay
    My warm hand on a bloody
    Stomach to sooth the pain of Eve’s
    Sin in the Garden of Eden

    My question of why Became the
    Name game…
    The nutcracker sweet wasn’t so sweet when I cracked the code to you
    Lines of lust made us drop all lines

    Hippie black chicks with faulty roach clips became
    Your quick fix to the problem at hand

    Your lines
    Smoke up
    Your problems of color
    Too dark for light
    So you roam in the under
    Layers of gothic goddesses
    You hid behind the body image of masculine cause
    “Boys don’t dry” tears of lonely fears

    I allowed you to beat me from a far
    Playing slow jams in my head when you make that
    DOM phone
    To say hello
    Cause you wanted to see
    If I was still under your spell
    Well yeah I am
    My easy breezy beautiful cover girl smiles
    Left the building last week

    this is a copy written piece, do not copy it
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