Chief Elder Osiris : Excuses Prevent Black People From Having A Will To Live free

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    Excuses Prevent Black People From Having A Will To Live Free.

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    There Is Much More Where This Come From.
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    Keep Sharing The Divine Truth And Maybe, Just Maybe Somebody Black Might Hear You.

    Excuses are now a way of life with Black folks, being rather not to deal with what is Divinely True and Real, concerning the way we live our lives under the authority of other than a Black Divine Life.

    Race is no longer considered to be a reality to the Black life, we rather give excuses contrary to the fact of the matter.

    Take a look and attempt to see Afrika today, and do the same toward the Black world, and share with me what you must see that is beyond looking, in order to get a Divine True view of Afrika condition and Black people living condition.

    Well beloved, Excuses did it, and Afrika will continue not to be for the Afrikan any more and Black people will remain to be a divided tribal self ignorant people.

    Have you ever seen a people in need of being free, and at every moment that they can, give excuses as to why their lives action is not done in an environment of freedom?

    Those same people take pleasure in giving excuses as to why such a life is not exposed to freedom.

    Well, if you are not blind and living in the same house of excuses as those people who rather use excuses to maintain a life of dependency and false promises, then you know who those people are today.

    Oh yes beloved, those people are people who accept their identity as being so call Black Afrikan human beings, a people who from Afrika to to Asia, to Europe, to North, to South America, they are the Black so call Afrikn Human beings who today, has not been reintroduced to freedom, and they proudly give excuses as to why freedom does not live in the house of the Black Afrikan world today.

    The Black world is a Nation that has no clue as to who in this hellish world that they are, so they settle to be who in the Hell Lucifer tell us who we are, and we have an excuse for doing so, which prevent Black people from having a desire to be free.

    Here is a people whose Life Divine Mind has been snatched away from them, and has for many years been told how to live their lives, and has been informed that all of our days there has never been anything to come from Black people that contributed to the civilizing of the world.

    Rather than refute such a lie, by becoming active in changing the present Black life living condition, doing so by Demanding our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation.

    Those Reparations symbolize and represent the Black life freedom, we Black people end up rather to give excuses as to why there should not be any action coming from Black people that will demand payment of our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation, which has the capacity to assure Afrika and the so call Black Afrikan freedom and independence.

    Black people should tell all black so call leaders and community activists who rather give to Black people an excuse why Reparation should not be the number one targeted goal of Black people, and to serve as the issue that Black people should concentrate upon.

    Black people should tell those phony Black leaders and activists to go, or shall I share, for them to remain in the Hell where they operate out from, because they are just a detriment to the needs of Black so call Afrikan people, which is freedom, Justice, and independence for the Black world.

    Beloved, freedom will come to the lives of Black people, not by the giving of excuses, but by the action required to secure Black folks freedom.(Reparation)

    Freedom is uncompromising and is beyond negotiation for reconciliation to reach a middle level of socialized life, which does not rise to the level of freedom.

    Freedom is of such a Divine Life environment, until excuses for not having life living freely, is against the nature of freedom relationship to the Divine Essence, the GOD Of All And Everything, verifying that all life is designed to experience Freedom, meaning the Divine Essence relationship is with Freedom.

    Now today, the Divine truth has come to the Black Life, and whether you accept it or not, it make the curtain of ignorance which Black people covered ourselves with, a hiding that justified all excuses to come from Black people, for being inactively in pursuit of freedom for the Black world.

    Well beloved,such an ignorant curtain, no longer is Bliss, justifying our ignorance with the use of excuses.

    So, all of present life inactivity that negate the pursuit for freedom for that Black life today, carry no excuse for the Black life living condition today, as we sit and watch Afrika fall and a once Divine Unified Black Nation morph into becoming Lucifer Black Afrikan Human Being, those Beings who now offer up excuses as to why we must not pursue the Divinity of freedom for our Black lives.

    We have been made to just be satisfied in being a servant to Lucifer, offering up excuses as to why we gladly serve in such a capacity of Life living on this Planet earth.

    So, what is the solution to the Black life problem, and oh yes, the Black Life most certainly has a problem, when that life is unable to see the evil in making excuses for not being Free.

    The solution for Black people present world status today, is to reclaim and regain our Divine Mind , a quality of Mind that produce our Divine spirituality, and a Divine Spirit refuse to live in a profane Mind.

    Well, how do we come back into possession of our Divine Mind spirituality, well you stop giving excuses for not being free, that is a start, and disrobe the Trinity of evil that bind the Divine Mind, which are, vain Envy, Ego, and Jealousy, and acknowledge who it is that is among you who share with you that Divine information that you are not familiar with, and the Mind you now wear do not "WANT" to hear about Such Divine information, and there is much more that cause it not to be wise to share in open forum, some things need to be shared in close session, where Divine Information shows the way to Freedom without the use of excuses.

    Be kind to your Self, Beloved.

    Chief Elder
    [email protected]