Black Poetry : Excuses for Nooses?


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Oct 4, 2003
Apparently there are excuses
for nooses
Harmless stunts devised by
playful teens
Trying to get their laugh on
Apparently, by any means
What harm can be intended
by a knotted loop of twine?
Why does this image make
some folks complain and whine?
Angered to the point of violence,
seems quite excessive
All because some spirited youths
decided to be mischievously expressive
Apparently there are excuses
for nooses
There are many symbols of hate
a noose is but one of those
Images of ancestors hung by a rope
It's with good reason that our anger shows
Can't have one group of rules for those
who are welcome to sit under apple trees
And another set of regulations for those
whose trees bear peaches or cherries
I guess there are still some folks
who never tire in their pursuit
To see odd images hanging high
Visions of Strange Fruit
Apparently there are excuses
for nooses...


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