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    By Chief Elder Osiris

    Have you Black folks ever seen people of an oppressive group to depend on excuses to keep them from acknowledging the Divine truth about what caused and is now the cause for the Life condition their lives are in, more than Black People ?

    Beloved, is it not a fact that Black people seem to love to challenge that which seem to be against us remaining in our present life condition, we being always ready to give an excuse as to why something we have never tried or even thought of trying, can not and will not work for us in our best interest?

    Here we are ready to give excuses why we should not act to Liberate our Mind, yet giving no Rational reason why the objection is brought forth, such is not important, all we just want to do is give an excuse not to do something or participate in some type of action that can be the beginning of our rescue from the present Life condition we Black folks are now exposed to in the world, which is no where the life we once Lived on this planet, which was a Divine way of living.

    You talk about the Willie Lynch Letter not being authentic, not for real, a forgery, just to have an excuse not to take the content of the Letter seriously, because it describe us Black People Spirit the exact way we have been condition to act and behave toward each other, and in the world, using such an objection against the Willie Lynch Letter as an excuse not to reclaim our Divine mind, thus we end up with our spirit we now express toward ourselves and those that have a history of oppressing Black people, the former is that of repute and the latter full of Submission and respect.

    We have become a Race full of excuses as to why we should not Think any more, the Willie Lynch letter is not about who wrote it, and the letter is Real, what make the Willie Lynch letter worth Studying is that so we can really see ourselves, and come to know why it is we Black People are in the condition we are now in, and the now condition we are in, has caused us not to be People that Think any more, that is the description of us Black people that can not be Rationally denied.

    Yet we love to come up with excuses as to why we should not take the Willey Lynch Letter Seriously, because if we do, maybe it will cause us Black folks to, for the First time, really See ourselves in this world and the view is not comforting at all, for black people that can See and do Think independently for ourselves.

    There is not one thing I have shared with you that is not Divinely True, which describe the present Spirit ( attitudinal Behavior ) of Black People today and yet you have Black People that have made it to be their profession to render excuses as to why Black People should not Respect our Ancient Divine First Way Ancestors Teaching, Teaching you want to measure its worth by white folks standards, while you are giving such excuses like you can not understand that which I share with you, because I do not present the Divine Truth in the way you are accustom to being communicated with.

    So tell me beloved, if you were to be granted an audience with our Divine Ancient First Way Ancestors, do you believe their communication with you will be in what you refer to as proper English Grammar, all Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives in their white folks proper place, Hell No, it will not, to Hell with White folks Grammar, English, the Meaning and Purpose for Communicating Is to Be Understood, so it is not that you do not Understand that which I share with you, it is because I intend to Break white folks Rule when Sharing with you, when revealing to you that which I am to share with you, and that give you Afrikans an Excuse to disagree with that you do not Know nor Understand, and to serve as a distraction away from the Divine Truth which I share with you..

    So by us Black folks being professional excuser's for purpose to cause confusion and to serve as a distraction to others, so that they will not give the Divine Truth the spirit required to qualify us to Think, so that we can go into motion to begin action that will give cause for our Life Liberation, those amongst us, Beloved, loving to give to you excuses why it is this or that action that will not work in our favor, they beloved, are Traitors to the Race and is an Enemy to the Black Life Liberation.

    I am referring to those Afrikan Americans who make claim to be so intellectual astute, yet they never give you anything different from that you already are exposed to, and that has proved not to be the action needed by us to realize our mental and body Liberation.

    There is no Black so call Afrikan that can give to you beloved, a Reasonable, Rational, and Logical excuse for you to remain a victim of Religion and a believer in the doctrine of Jesus, with expectation that such a mental participation will in fact save your Black Life and will extend that Life up into Heaven, where you are to live Eternally with your Religious Savior, and you tell me that you who subscribe to such a notion are intelligent Black so call Afrikans.

    It is that quality of Afrikan that give to you excuses why you should not abandon that Religious ship and come back aboard to your Divine Mind, that which will reveal to you the Divine Meaning of Life and what the Divine Essence Is, and your Relationship to the Universe , causing those Three action to be interrelated to be, ONE ETERNAL INFINITE ENERGY WOVEN TO BE THE PERFECT NIGHT, THE GOD OVER ALL THAT IS AND IS TO BE, AND COMING TO NOT BE AGAIN ?


    Black People have become a people well in tune with our captivity and the Life that flow from such confinement, not willing to entertain anything that challenge the standards and foundation presented by a people referring to themselves as Human Beings, they being a People with a history of scaring our Mind in order to prevent us from Knowing ourselves, and we being a people that is out of touch with the knowledge of whom we are, we happen to end up being a people full of excuses, stating why we should remain a slave to those that now control the Black Belief about God, Universe, and our Black Selves, a recipe for Mental disaster, which is the state of condition Black so call Afrikans are in today, full of excuses with no desire for Divine Knowledge and Understanding, concerning the present condition of the Black Life, that which many so call Afrikans consider to be Normal.

    How Pitiful and Sad the Black World has become, with a want to remain as Is.

    The Divine Truth, Black folks Despise The Divine Truth, and Our children Suffer from their Parents Ignorance, Being full Of excuses And no Desire for Divine Answers, We Do not even Understand The Divine significance Of a Black Spiritual Retreat, We Rather to remain Bogged down In Matters Of Civil Rights Instead Of Divine Beings Fighting for Our Mind Liberation.

    Be Kind To Your Self

    Here Is Lovingly Thinking Of You

    Chief Elder
    The First Way Institute Of Black ( Afrikan ) Mysticism
    GOOGLE SEARCH: Chief Elder Osiris Akkebala
    [email protected]
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    build up the nation
    the dirty dirty for now

    A saying that has always helped me get my stuff together when I go astray


    Excuses are the tools of the weak and incompetant, they build bridges to nowhere and monuments of nothing, those who use them are seldom capable of anything else.