Black Authors : Excerpt From Live for Thyself

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    "The nerve of Stephanie dying and leaving ya'll ***** to me. Who the hell does she think she is?" Azure's aunt rambled.

    "You leave someone a car, or a house not two lil' snot nosed bastards that no one wants."

    She continued to pace the floor, and talk to herself.

    Azure sat on the floor and pretended to watch TV, the louder her aunt talked the harder it got for her to be ignored.

    "Just like her to make a mess and then for me to have to come along and clean it up."

    Azure's brother sat with his head down staring at the floor, Azure prayed that her brother's notorious temper didn't flare up soon.

    "I know somebody going to have to get a job up in here, Kenyon."

    Azure just sat and tried to pretend that her aunt was not speaking. Kenyon was sixteen, and though he was old enough to get a job he would rather play ball with his friends all day. He had never been disrespected by his mother, and there was no way he would let this woman who he had grown to hate call him out. Their aunt glanced from one of them to the other. When she realized neither was listening to her she turned off the Television and stood directly in front of it.

    "Do you hear me boy? I'm not about to spend up my savings and checks I get from my late husband on ya'll little bastards. So you'd better get a job and provide for you and your sister."

    Kenyon kept his cool, and Azure breathed a sigh of relief.

    "We all know this lil' no good tramp going to end up on the corner selling her *** anyways, so what does it matter."

    Kenyon was up so fast that his aunt was leaned against a wall.

    "Man, forget you don't talk to my sister like that." He yelled.

    "Sit your ignorant black *** down." his aunt shoved him onto the couch.

    Kenyon stood back up, but his aunt was stronger.

    Azure had wished her mother hadn't gotten cancer and died, or that her father hadn't decided to run off with another woman and renege on his responsibilities.

    Kenyon would soon get tired of trying to work odd jobs just to keep his sister fed and turn to the streets for money. Unfortunately it wouldn't be long after that Kenyon would start to use what he sold, and finally he would vanish never to be seen again.

    Azure blamed her aunt for her brother's drug use and him leaving, but strangely she blamed her brother for breaking up their family. It was only the two of them left. They were motherless and fatherless. At the age of fourteen Azure had made up her mind to live for herself.

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