Black People : Excellent Satirical Movie of Race in American History


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King Tubbs

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Apr 17, 2005
I found this movie by accident on Youtube and really liked it, its called "C.S.A.: The Confederate States of America" written by black history professor Kevin Willmott and produced by Spike Lee (in many ways its similar to Bamboozled), it presents an alternate version of American history where the South won the civil war.

In this version of history black people remained slaves right up until the present day. What I really like is the way it presents how things would have been different, but in many ways they are exactly the same, my only criticism is it may be 15 or 20 mins too long. A

Heres a review:

You can watch it either in 9 separate Youtube clips:

Or watch the whole movie (about 89 mins) here:


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