Black People : Excellent Documentary about modern Africa (Africa Straight Up)


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May 16, 2002
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Should be watched...


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Sep 12, 2009
I understand what you mean in the sense they are all speaking English rather than an African language but the problem is Africa is too vast there is no one language and I feel if they were to adopt one eg Swahili or Hausa it would have needed to be done across the board in the 1960's its too late now. I also know that most (not all thankfully) Africans are either Christian or Muslim rather than following the traditional religions of their ancestors.

King Tubbs,

I don't know where skuderjaymes stand on the above, but for me, it is more than language. Why I would like to see brothers/sisters on the motherland agree on an authentic afrikan language (and script), I won't go ape-tihs over them using english. As for as I'm concern the "disconnect" is much deeper than learning a language, which I would say learning a language should have little affect on people in regards to the disconnect.

The world is a resource. Make use of it!

For ones survival, make use of the intellectual heritage of the whole world. Though it shouldn't come at the expense of dismissing, in great consequence, the intellectual (and cultural) heritage from whence you come from.

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