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May 28, 2005
Excellent books on Divine knowledge, for all the levels of spiritual aspirants including scientists and atheist

These discourses freely downloadable from the links shown below are the excellent collection of divine discourses of His Holiness Shri Datta Swami, given to different devotees around the world, over a period of time. These discourses are embedded with excellent logic supported by various scriptures of the world, and aimed for all the levels of spiritual aspirants including scientists and atheist. You can see use of extensive logic in these discourses which are used at the level of intelligence, thus avoiding any emotional impact, but imparts a thorough understanding of the spiritual concepts through analysis which one cannot observe in any other works elsewhere. All your questions in the spiritual field are explained in the most convincing manner with scientific logic and supported by all the scriptures of the world, like Veda, Gita, Bible, Quran etc.

 Who is God?,
 Can we see God?
 What is divine knowledge?, who gives it?
 Difference between Guru and Sat Guru
 What is soul?, Is soul God?
 Who is Human incarnation? or ‘Immanuael’
 Who is Jesus, Krishna, Bhudha etc are they the same?
 Is there only one God?
 How to see and please God?
 Whether God is with form or formless?
 How to convince atheist?
 Re-birth is true or not?
 If there is only one God then why so many religions
 Hell, Heaven exists or not?
 Reality of Advaita philosophy
 Can God come to this earth in human form?
 Idol worship, rituals, temple/churches
 Is there any truth in Astrology
 Religious Fanatics
 What is self-realisaton, is it God realization?
 Use of the work ‘Brahman’ and ‘Parabrahman’
 God & Science, God & Logic
 Veda, Gita, Bible, Quran etc
 Miracles whether they are true?


Divine Discourse Volume No-1

Divine Discourse Volume No-2

Divine Discourse Volume No-3

Divine Discourse Volume No-4

Divine Discourse Volume No-5

Divine Discourse Volume No-6

Divine Discourse Volume No-7

Divine Discourse Volume No-8

Divine Discourse Volume No-9

Divine Discourse Volume No-10
Mahima-Yamuna Divine Miracles

Free MP3 Bhajans

Divine Discourse Volume No-1 zipped

Divine Discourse Volume No-2 zipped
Divine Discourse Volume No-3 zipped
Divine Discourse Volume No-4 zipped
Divine Discourse Volume No-5 zipped
Divine Discourse Volume No-6 zipped
Divine Discourse Volume No-7 zipped
Divine Discourse Volume No-8 zipped
Divine Discourse Volume No-9 zipped
Divine Discourse Volume No-10 zipped
Mahima-Yamuna Divine Miracles zipped

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