Africa : Examining Modern Slavery in Africa


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Aug 24, 2002
The Diaspora
Unfortunately sister Roni, there isn't that much action we can take over here outside of economic boycotts of the nations involved (no tourism, etc). It is up to the countries involved to protect their citizens. In reality this is organized crime, and no nation in the world has sought to fully end organized criminals. Just like in America nations might take a drug dealer of a corner, or take a prostitute of a street at night. However they never seek to stop the flow of drugs at their source, or go after "pimps". It is frustrating to watch. Factoring in that most of the people initiating this modern form of slavery, and profitting from it are not Africans. All of this points to the failure of Africa's current leadership. We will not have real change on the mother continent until there are more progressive leaders. The current one's are to in-lined with colonialism.

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