Black Poetry : $EX & Money


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May 9, 2007
i live in TushKauLoosa Ali Baba or Tuscaloosa, Ala
Go ahead, try and find something else to think about
The men in black have zapped your minds with the brain banger
in between Sex and Money is only happiness and anger

Nothing else exists!!!
Lust for the Love of money, that's it
So, stroke your fingers across those decreasing dollars
and cum on top of a mountain of ones
make it rain like hopi natives dancing under the sun

Sex is a formula
the combination of two for one purpose
whether it be business or pleasurable services
Sex on a molecular level between two chemicals
only to make a compound without using genitals

test tube babies
Man, they've been cloning since the 80's
wolves in sheep's clothing
Yes, Dolly my, Dolly my baby

I make love to giblet gravy
watching Snoopy balloons in front of Macy's
at the good ol' Thanksgiving Day parade
it's all about the dollar
in these last and evil days

blink and watch how the world changes
rapidly advances without warning
no more waiting for change
every place of business will soon be carding
VISA that is

while Nelly swipes his Black Card on the backside of a stripper
Dame Dash is splashing liquor on a girl while Jay-Z tips her
We are going Nutz! while nuts are going to waste!
on some nympho sucubus' face
or just all over the place

and ladies play the victim role
and men complain about oppression
well, ladies start learning to take control
and real men come out of depression

love your lady and money will come
quicker than bullets from a gun
make your man respect his Sun
the source where all life is from

while different governments race for the stars
and place our stars behind bars
they can colonize on Mars
i'm down-to-Earth i'll play my cards

"Lil' Mama, I don't know who you are
but, you're fine as hell
My name is Shuga Shane
No, not Denzel." sex scenes like Wesley Snipes
but, I don't have Jungle Fever
Viva Las Vegas where prostitution's legal
Some flirt with death like Evil Knievel
or have sex unprotected and end up with diseases

Broke Folk poke too
but, getting laid and paid is made
so, i'll boil eggs, shine shoes, and sale lemonade
before I end up a slave or dead man walking through a grave

i'm planning on hiring Belvedere
you know, a butler or a maid
and housekeepers to clean out my pitbull's cage

can't go out like Michael Vick
I just feed 'em, breed 'em and let people pick
I'ts all Paper and Politics
"Headed" to the Oval Office
walked in on Lewinski
hmm, kinky people in high places
exchangin sex faces

Oh, yeah, "I did not have sexual intercourse..."
and, "...I did not inhale."
Well, in hell, it doesn't matter Sex and Drugs sale

..better than anything on the market
cocaine keys and marijuana buds
I write my Sex for Money
because Shuga is the biggest drug

for the grown and sexy:em3700:

from the poetry collection Shane Roy Craig writes
this was a real wave

up and down

your first line said it all line

then went from there to show just how it is out there on the show

sex and money

the world revolves around the and you have to add "power" to that

sex money and power

now the sex and money part most of the rest try to do

that's just the way it's made to be

i like how you show the lie that revolves around sex and money

tight piece

then you flipped it at the end on shane ish

feeling that
I read this piece and was just speechless.
Talk about spitn' possess some
kind of talent. Somebody.....please get this
young man a contract. You are going to be
famous one day Sha' what I tell you
and you remember that 4EVER told you that.
This was really a pleasure to read AWESOME WRITE indeed.

Much Luv


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