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    I know you ghost this site, and I know that you read my posts. So why are your searching Destee for my words when the words I write to you, go without a reply?

    I do not hate you, although I did. I do not love you either, although I did.

    I hope you are alright, but I suspect you are not. I pray that you will have the courage to grow through this and ascend into a better person.

    Our son is excellent. I protect him and love him always, and the ancestors watch over him. I pray that you are listening to their guidance, surrounding yourself with positive energies that will enable you to be a role model to him.

    I forgive you.

    I have moments where I mourn the loss of our family, I am flesh and blood and my love was sincere. Our anger devoured us. I forgive myself, I forgive us.

    I wish we had chosen differently, I don't like the idea of our son being a part of the system (you know what I'm talking about here). Broken trust is so hard to repair.

    I know you will read this, I know that you loved me. I know that you must grieve, I know that you must face your fears and step into your greatness, without stepping on others.

    I know we will heal.
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    Accepting what is and understanding why it is brings relief to the soul
    moving forward is health always an ex-factor comes to play after a ending
    joint comes apart .

    I feel you sis and know just keep your head up high and see after the little one
    for now the baby is the true real factor to focus on even if one is lurking about
    reading you beyond a word or respond.