Black People : "Evony : the kings return" game- Need help on a racist in a game that threaten to shoot black people


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Jul 21, 2020
Hi everyone,

After the george floyd event , i feel that black lives matter as much as anyone else.

Lately , there is this racist in this game “Evony : the kings return” that threaten to shoot black people. His exact words are “cinna fap Brandonnnnnn c'mon y'all we got black people to shoot” . After the words when I confront the person , he is not regretful at all. His nick keep changing so you have to use the game id to identify him. His game id is 11452880. This is not the first time this happen.

I have send a mail to the evony game moderators and they basically do nothing much except mute the person for three days and a warning.

I cannot do much now. Thus i would like to appeal to the black community to help to remind the evony game developers to do more to stop racism.

The game is called “ Evony : the kings return”

Here is one link that shows all the screenshots

<< i cannot seem to post a link here. Google "forums evony" , then goto "Suggestions and Feedback" and then see "Racist Post in Server 18">> All the screenshots are here

Hope i will get some help here

Thanks in advance
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Jul 21, 2020
It seems nobody wants to help.

I am very disturbed at his wordings that he wants to shoot black people.

Can someone at least tell me what should i do? Should i just let him off?

The words are really very disturbing


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Apr 6, 2020
Sir if you feel a crime has been committed against yourself involving a direct threat of bodily harm to you on another forum you need to address it with the sites administrator and or the police not try to involve members of this site whether to join that site and help fight your battle or even give you an opinion or other legal advice concerning anything that has absolutely nothing to do with us. As you allude to the mention of a member you presume as White calling for other members to shoot Blacks is ambiguous at best and all you need to since his violation resulted in suspension and not the result you expected just request your membership be terminated or just don't visit the site.

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