Black People : Evolving Into Extinction..

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    Necessity is the mother of invention, it's been said. Species evolve to survive but we invent things to survive and make like comfortable. Have we evolved into a corner and face eventual extinction?
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    Monet1027 your topic deserves deep introspection. Ironically- it also relates somewhat to Kwabena's topic: Global 2000 Population Control Plan. Peace to both of you for bringing these very serious concerns to light.

    As many of us already know there are many groups on this planet, if not many- a single network that has a vested interest in the complete domination and control of this planet's resources and rates of reproduction.

    Hitler gave the world a template for the Eugenics programs that continue up until this very day. Many of us are unaware that many of the sub-cultures we see alive today are offsprings of such programs.

    This conversation can go downhill from here, if I did not mention the fact that European Science and its Scientists have not mastered the world. They have mastered MEDIA to give us the impression that they have mastered the world.

    With Media, they can control the world with fear. And with Fear they can feed us all the programming we need- to destroy ourselves.

    There are two recent movies that deal with these ideas more visually: "Aeon Flux" and "Children of Men."

    There are several Population control programs in place as we speak. There are concentration camps popping up all around America, and no one seems to know why. What is the government preparing for? What will we do after the Government has "orchestrated" another 9-11 in order to declare Martial Law? There are hundreds of people still missing from Katrina who were arrested and taken away alive. Where did they go?

    We have already evolved into extinction because the Earth itself cannot afford to house our parasitic behaviors anymore. We have evolved into extinction when we continue to invest in a system of death. When we support the business of government whose bottom line is death. The movie "Children of Men" talks about that in a very depressing manner, suggesting that human beings will lose the ability to reproduce.

    As African people we are the stewards of the planet. Population is not a problem for the planet, what is a problem is how we are behave. It wouldn't matter to you if your house was population by 800 billion termites if those insects never chewed on the foundation of your home. The population of termites is a problem because of what termites do.

    If people lived conducive to the planet, our population is not a problem. We are programmed to be consumers, like parasites, like cancers- feeding off everything and devouring. This is not the way of "Earth people" this is not the way of our Ancestors, this is not the way of the Indigenous people of the Earth.

    Instead of eating away at your house, what if termites did everything in their power to add to its foundation? KMT was conducive to the planet. Africa was conducive to the planet. We did not bite off more than we can chew. We did not waste energy and materials. We do not poison or pollute the Earth, we did not create toxic ideas to confuse the spirit of the Earth or each other. We grew the Earth, we harvested this planet. We added to her strength and beauty. We gave her dreams. We knew this planet better than any one else, and for that we were rewarded more than anyone else. This is why we are still feared as a people.

    Do you know why certain animals become extinct? Because of an imbalance brought upon by a lack of production in their ecosystem. Every animal on this planet as a job to do, if you take care of your environment, the rains fall, the seasons come, the grass grows, in comes the harvest. All males and females are tied directly into the planet, that's how the Earth is able to bring about extinction. Males carry the seeds, Females harvest them or vise versa. Usually when the number of male babies start to drop it means extinction is in progress.

    Whites have been on the verge of extinction for some time now. Hence the reason for cloning as well as their population control and Eugenics programs. The blonde gene has complete disappeared in some places already. They are promoting "thier" homosexuality for a reason. But their homosexuality is a sign of their extinction and like fools some Blacks are following right behind them.

    We should be in complete support of their homosexuality, and I hope every White Racist on this planet continues to behave in a way that does not promote reproduction. But as Black people we have to be mindful that Whites depend on us to see them as our Gods, as to do as they do like monkeys imitating the master. Be careful where you invest your thoughts, energy and actions- because that investment is about to mature.