Black Poetry : Everything You Know!

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    Everything you know about
    Knowledge of how to achieve and do
    Everything you have and you own

    Some of it
    Does not belong to you!

    You heard about a treasure,
    You know how to make some cash

    You have an excess of some things and
    Of the others you never get

    Your plate is full of good food
    At your bank you count your coin
    You have clothes galore in your wardrobe

    A home with keys to the front door

    There are some of those things you know about
    Some treasures that you have
    In a life time you may never achieve and own
    Whats is truly what is your's
    That throne

    You can have a wealth of good intentions

    All your life you can’t seem to own
    Like mining gold you still haven’t sat on your throne

    What you have been keeping, working and saving for
    You can't ever seem to get it done
    There may even be some things in life
    You can not use or ever obtain

    Access or ability to use the knowledge you have... is under arrest
    Because everything you have
    Is not yours to possess.

    A full plate cannot hold more to eat.
    A money pile can not bring peace
    If it is a “real life” that you seek

    Not saying don’t watch you money pile
    Just… are you driving it
    Or is it driving you?

    If a whisper of confusion has ever come to mind
    When you are trying to be your best
    It is the truth in your gut and the knowledge you have
    Someone elses treasures... are under arrest

    A man / woman can not get
    Unless They First Must Give

    It doesn’t have to be money as often said or portrayed
    That is to un-focus what is right and pure

    Give your time to a stranger
    Be willing to live with an open mind

    Give away a long kept treasure
    You have not been able to use or find

    Give a kind word
    Give a smile
    Donate things that hold you cluttered

    If you want to be paid for some of the things you have
    Give it to them cheap make a dollar

    Blessings come into your life if you empty your pile

    Someone will come out of the ether
    Like an angel as they say
    Be careful on this earth we occupy
    You could have one in your life...helping or standing near with you one day

    Of those things that you been blessed to acquire
    I’m telling you
    All that is bestowed on you
    Some of it is someone else’s

    You have been charged
    On this earth to do something.. this is it
    With delivering it to the recipient

    Just how do you know who they are?

    Trust your intuition
    That whisper you heard
    Thru that possible one time encounter that was made

    They said something letting you know

    That they are the real recipient it should be given or delivered to

    So your blessing on your plate can pour.

    If that whisper has ever sounded near
    Or like a few of these words
    Then you know what I am talking about?

    "Why am I here?"
    "This life does not make any sense?"
    "Things are hard and not fair?"
    "Why do I have all this bad luck?"
    "It never for me seems to work out."

    You’re keeping away your true reward
    You’re holding onto something that isn’t yours

    Could it be a person

    Don't take those that are in or come into your life for granted...
    they were suppose to meet you...spend time with you
    Share some time with you

    They may be blessed
    given the help
    and you doing your best
    may deliver for you
    You will never find out if you take the route
    Of not giving them a chance to share

    Family and Friends are very important..
    Blessing come thru and from others

    Could it be ... A place or a thing?

    Could it be an action (verb)...
    Meaning move and do what you dream

    Get out... take a trip out of town if you never have

    God...can not help those who sit and wait
    Like a sparrow be aware of everthing around
    Go outside at night some times look up, count the stars
    Go fishing .. sit quiet and listen

    Blessing and idea's come to mind

    You have to do some different things to meet a different fate
    Doing the same thing over and over
    Expecting new blessing to be on your plate

    Change is Good.. New... scary at first
    if you fear it..

    Fear is false
    it is just an unknown
    Like riding a bike.. once you do it
    the fear is gone
    Welcome change

    After a while you will be a junky for change
    like you are on this site

    Positive change.. not negative.. like stop breaking so many hearts

    Try to be glad you woke up another day
    Blessing will be slow coming to the dead!

    Speak to lots of people...say hello
    Surprise the hell out them / yourself... be nice

    Crack a smile
    Let one show on your face
    Or you will have an empty plate
    And never get what you deserve

    Keep it reasonable...
    Needs and demands
    What you do get may surprise you
    People often give more than you expected
    It’s happened before

    So let it be known what your needs are
    To the next person you meet
    Drop a hint and they will know you are the person they seek!

    Deliver to others their blessing you hold
    And yours will come back to you two fold
    at your feet!

    Seek and you will find...
    give and you will receive
    If a man does not give
    He has not a chance of a return.
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    right on !!!!!!