Black Poetry : Everything cum together he’s plumb clever at that point she sit in his lap // He cum with legit rap

Everything cum together he’s plumb clever at that point she sit in his lap //
He cum with legit rap strong better known as love talk she’s now jest trapped //
In his arms lips sweaty and red ready for bed like TEDDY PENDERGRAS //
Said he jest “turn out the lights” concern about the night body grows tender fast //
Oh he jest goes crazy trying to break the headboards like JOHN LEGEND and //
DRAKE he tells her “you the best I ever had” and start to brag he definite planned //
All of this, he drink sweet red wines and try meet deadlines and keep her head //
And mind straight as he get divine cake from a naked standpoint the bed bounce //
He said: “wow I must holler at her”:eek:


Look boo I keep my bling intact trying to spring back my thing is to act //
Normal and wear a jivy bandana in a lively manner and drive Cadillac //
Let my foot strike the ground I like to crown chick then go down town //
And lick quick listen to a smooth song and move along and hound around //
And bark before I start, wanna be a great winner want cake for dinner but //
Delayed couldn’t enter your heart with the art of love talk girl you jest a cup //
Cake, look boo your body is a steamy poptart and it’s extremely sharp //
Get the lotion you have a wet ocean I’m about to set in motion start //
With one kiss you gonna have fun with this girl, you soft and brown //
Let me get you feet off the ground hop in my ride we can pull down //
the top as we glide, no doubt satisfaction when I carry out this action //
my love fall in drop and they all hot and ill like smallpox a fraction //
is all it take, strange keep my head alert this could change into bed work //
can’t hide my affection my gone in a specified direction under your skirt //
cake the best ready to take the test, girl my kiss is a force it’ll twist your //
cource, never a dumb circus always for some purpose for girls galore //
I’m a hot guy and you have a pot pie so boo please stop by my new crib //
Have some barbecue ribs and like SIDNEY PORTIER I’ll be mister TIBBS //
You have divine lace at my house there’s time and space, you dame //
Be grinning I wanna obtain by winning your love this whole game //
Is beginning to squeeze your waist and seize your lace boo please //
Lets go to my place, I interpret your love a certain way you mini- //
Skirting today and it’s hurting to say I think I love you a plenty //
We can roll on gravel hot and bizarre even travel in a drop top car //
If you you unravel my plot you’re a star we can stop at the bar //
Maybe a bitter step but consider the concept without thinking the clout //
Linking us to sex, a kiss so fine exist in my mind separate my brain about //
To devastate my mainframe so boo educate and tame my body need some //
your cake soft I wanna make off with a slice this circus dimension come //
with purpose and intention, girl you wet in that skirt and your body is set //
to work upon my hormones hop in my car gone home, boo it’s a sure bet //
you will be satisfied love them phat thighs as my stats fly to your ear it //
appear I may get some for real


You have plenty sense and would go to any length to get me in bed //
It’s all phat but can’t fall for that, I’m sweet and revealing, lips red //
That’s my complete feeling you come from the street kneeling trying //
To get some, this affair has hopes but we must compare notes //
I carry a tablet for that habit we must recognize that our boats //
Floats in different direction still get magnificent affection with //
Hugs and kisses, you rap all sorts, my nap was cut short and swift //
By your love words which left my thing wet and almost really lift //
My skirt you wanna sniff the works up under my dress my mind drift //
you have to make the grade to get my cake laid and fakes I’m afraid //
to hug they parade in club like they big shots but no hero is made //
in the process wanna barricade my breasts and try sucking no reply //
I’m ducking that doe because I’m a queen with stats and wow I //
Really mean that, so really you seeing honey no need of being funny //
You want a wet kiss and I may regret this, my heart rattled like the mark //
On cattle I’m branded, panties are candied wanna float like Noah Ark //
You wanna twist my attitude and eat my dish of food probably got a list //
Ofr rude things you wanna do to me, I golt pies you lonely you want this //
To be for your eyes only huh? That never be, my lips soften to taste wine //
But often a waste of time when boys chase behind me ready to draw a timeline //
My pie is sweet but if you lie and cheat you get kicked to the curve no slick //
Words can save you because I know ahead when you wanna go to bed and kick //
Pillows, I thirst a lot but the worse flop is to be called a bimbo in limbo chick //
There’s lots of time and your plot designed to trap me and perhaps see where //
It goes from here my dear, it’s love resources and hugs forces me into bed aware //
Of what will happen behind ill rapping fill and slapping my ear I don’t care //
For love never a worry forever in a hurry to find some, you wanna drink rum //
At feasts take me to bed and cum in peace but need some expertise and a drum //
your place is the spot and I have a case of the hots plus my laces //
are not on tight tonight so there’s a bright light after a few chases //
could be at the end of the tunnel, flaws and facts can cause impact //
so lets pause for this act even Santa Clause got a sack of toys for whack //
boys, you came for my breast try attain success it required your soul to //
reach a desired goal, I proceed wet like beads of sweat panties so true //
for you, I’m a dame with words remain undisturbed got wild game //
like birds”


“I was at a store with stats galore mats on the floor may have been a rug //
A two a boy here wanna say I love you I strut around my butt so round club //
Bound, a boy well equipped looks at my swell hips and like GLADY’S KNIGHT //
AND THE PIPS he “heard it through the grapevine” that my cake is fine awight? //
Soothing with the twerk, grooving on the flirt hip moving to work I could be //
A clerk, he’s tough like leather goods and clever from the hood and they would see //
A queen wow if I were in red silk have flavor like bread and milk boys will //
Think and eat then drink my sweet grade A vitamin D inviting me to chill //
It in the refrigerator my breasts too hot for that doe, my thing on a hit list //
Boys git pissed when I turn them down, feel extreme and horny wanna a kiss //
after this he probably masters a kiss my body like pastures so brisk //
With cream he probably daydream about me and him, but may have a twist //
In his story and a kiss is mandatory, I’m a chick fine and he probably have //
A quick mind that helps his career but can’t step clear of my lips wanna grab //
My waist and try taste my love hope not to waste a hug on him he has hubs //
Not rims on his car, wear tims at the bar while I thirst for converse shoes, love //
: are really good:lol:


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