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    Every Decent Thinking Black Afrikan Should Be Acknowledging And Honoring The Honorable Marcus Garvey

    o_akkebala <[email protected]> wrote:

    Hoteph Beloved Sisters And Brothers:

    What Black Leader ever, was able to call a Black Afrikan Nation together and was able to get them to stay together discussing Black Folks Business for an entire Month, none other than The Honorable Marcus Garvey and that feat alone qualify and **** well verify the Prophetic and Leadership quality of that Man call Garvey.

    Every Sane Thinking Black Afrikan today should be at awe with Humbleness to Honor The Honorable Marcus Garvey.

    This is not about a request going out to Black Folks asking that you recognize some raggedy willie Lynch Negro to Honor, and show respect to, this is a proved Black Divine Prophet I am speaking about and I am using only facts which verify this Man Life and those facts present to us Black Folks, those deeds and action that the Honorable Marcus Garvey acted out in behalf of a lost Black Afrikan Nation and toward a Continent that had been invaded and consumed by the devil themselves, that is why The Honorable Marcus Garvey is deserving of our Honoring and respect for him..

    This Up Lifting of the Honorable Marcus Garvey has nothing to do with our little organized fiefdom or what you might believe of me, it is not about that or me, this is about a Man after traveling around where Black and poor people was inserted and saw their condition, from that moment he dedicated his Black Life to the up-lifting of not some ethnic group in the Diaspora, not some geographical Tribe in Jamaica, not some Tribe in Afrika, The Honorable Marcus Garvey dedicated his Black Afrikan Life to fighting for the Unification of a dying Black Afrikan Nation and the regaining of a Back Afrika Continent that was being taken away from Black Afrikans right before his eyes, so tell me, what intelligent Black Afrikan in possession of the Divine Mind, would have problem in Honoring such a Prophet that rose right from among us Black Folks, needing no approval from White folks in power, Arabs in power, Zionist, all oppressors of the Black Afrikan Nation.

    It matter not what your confusion may entail concerning Black Afrikan People, because The Honorable Marcus Garvey is not about our Limited belief, he is about the Knowledge of Fact that he saved with his knowledge and enthusiasm a self hating Black Nation and taught us to be proud of our Blackness and the way that Supreme Energy we refer to as GOD, presented us to the Universe, Garvey caused us Black Folks to rise from the grave of self disrespect and stopped us from being barren of self dignity.

    During that Time of the Early Twenties, there was no question ever posed to the Honorable Marcus Garvey concerning Afrika and Afrikan People he could not offer a dignified reply, so Afrikans of any intellect at all never question The Honorable Marcus Afrakinity, as a matter of fact at that Time, The Honorable Marcus Garvey was just as or more Afrikan that any Afrikan any where on this Planet.

    Here is a Man declared by the Black Nation to be the Potentate of the Black Afrikan Nation and was able to gain the Honor and Respect of Heads Of State in Afrika, so much so until either the Heads of State would come to america to meet and Honor The Honorable Marcus Garvey or would send their emissaries,ambassadors to represent them for such purpose, now today, here is a blocked up minded Black Afrikan People, so removed from their Afrikan Blackness to the point we can not bring our Human Mind to Honor a Verified Black Afrikan Prophet, of whom we do know, was Real and did live among us Black Afrikans, yet we will fall down on our Black Knees and worship a made up white man presented to you to accept as being the actual Son Of GOD, how foolish have we Black Folks become, in our most present Imitated Mind.

    Here is a People, now referring to themselves as Afrikan but have problem with the tag white folks assigned to us as being Black, now that white folks do not like such a tag for us any more, yet when they did approve, it was because they knew that you resemble that Massive Space they call Darkness, Night, a Force of Reality that is absent of the illusion of what they call Light, now here we are not mentally capable of up-lifting in unison with Honor and Respect, that Man known as The Honorable Marcus Garvey, a Man that told us that there is nothing evil about our Blackness and taught us that our Blackness represent a uniqueness about us that we are to be proud of and stated to us that, A Race Without Power And Authority, Is A Race Without Respect, so here we so call Black Afrikans are, with no self respect, powerless,controlling nothing on this Planet call Earth, so it is no wonder there will be no International United Black Afrikan effort to give Honor and Show Respect and Praise to The Honorable Marcus Garvey for Dedicating His Life in a Fight to up-Lift the Mind and Spirit of a Mental debased Black Afrikan Nation at the Time of his presence on this Planet and now more so at this Time of complete confusion, as we have emerged again, expressing a Self Hatred among Black Afrikan People.

    On The 17Th of August, The First Way Institute Of Afrikan Mysticism / Sankofa Repatriation Movement will commemorate The Honorable Divine Marcus Garvey, as we will go into a Fast from the Dawn of that day until 1PM, focusing on and meditating upon the Divine Of The Honorable Marcus Garvey and The gods of our Divine Cosmic Ebonite Ancient Afrikan Ancestors, We Will Light a Candle, symbolizing The Eternal Energy of Eternal Existence and we will Commit ourselves to the fight for Reparation / Repatriation and the establishing of the next New State in Afrika as we continue to fight for the Unification of the Black Afrikan Nation and the regaining of the Afrika Continent and the reclaiming of our Divine Mind, the weapon that must be used to Liberate the Black Afrikan Nation and to acknowledge Our GOD through Our Black Afrikan Mind Eye, which will qualify us to know what GOD IS And To Be Able to Honor With Respect, The Honorable Divine Marcus Garvey.

    Here Is Loving You

    Chief Elder
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