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Ms Drea

Oct 16, 2004
Peace and Blessings Family,

I have become filled with wonder and delight at creating these new forums and working to get content into them and building it up! I mean really! OMG! Amazing at this new surge of interest. I'm still wondering where it was all of these 20 years we have been here! I know it was present some, but nothing like now. Thank Goodness I'm still here to experience it.

First I want to say ... as I was creating these new forums and moving threads from the other forums into them ... I was amazed at the number of threads here regarding our Beloved Africa from Brothers AACOOLDRE and Omowale Jabali ... both of these Brothers have their own forums here ... where the threads they create most usually reside ... so I had to be careful not to move their threads to these forums ... (and if I made a mistake yall let me know) ... but both of you have been talking about Africa - FOREVER! ... :love: ... doing this task I could not help but notice, because I had to, all of the threads you all have on Africa ... thank you soooo much! Thank you for not being slow like me!

Another thing I've noticed while creating this space, the flags of Africa ... OMG ... preparing those images that are now being featured in the top right of every page ... OMG ... i messed up a few times during the process and had to start all over! Imagine having to start all over preparing, naming, recognizing the flags of Africa! I was devastated the first time I realized I had to do it all over again, as it was so much work and time consuming ... but little did I know that the 2nd, 3rd, and even 4th time having to re-do my work ... was much easier ... I had actually learned to recognize some of the countries by their flags! ... WoooHooo ... :) .. another example of the great opportunity we all have to learn Africa together. I'm actually going to make a thread on the "Flags of Africa" as questions came up during this process too, that I want to put up for discussion.

Our Africa effort now has its own page too ...

At this link we will find all of the most recent threads from all of the Africa forums. It is much like our home page, except it is only showing the Africa threads.

I will continue to move threads about Africa, to the new Africa forums.

Another thing ... the overwhelming the discussions rule - no more than 5 of your own threads on the home page ... well ... that does not apply to threads you start in the Africa Forums. I want them to be populated and don't want to discourage contributions. So, threads in any of these forums will not count toward your "5 threads on the home page". Plus, there is no limit to the number of threads you can add in the Africa Forums at this time.

The Africa threads will show up on the home page, the last 5, under the other threads ... so again ... no limit on the number you can add. Please try to put the threads in their respective country Forums, so we can all learn about Africa, her countries, etc., in an organized manner.

I will be adding more features as they come to my mind ... :)

Of course I will continue to add threads to the Africa Forums as well.

Oh, one more thing ... there is an "Africa" link in the navigation bar at the top of the page as well.

Thank you all so much for letting this community live long enough to see this day.

Loving Us!


Thanks so much...Sister Destee your efforts in increasing knowledge for our people are greatly appreciated!! :heart: :heart:

Jan 22, 2001
betwixt and between
Website Consultant
Thanks so much...Sister Destee your efforts in increasing knowledge for our people are greatly appreciated!! :heart: :heart:

Sister ... you are so very welcome!

The thing is, it's really me trying to learn ... and i'm doing it out here in the open ... :)

This is how i have always felt about, such a great learning environment! ... :teach:

I have learned soooooooo much here over these years and it is my hope that others can / will also.

I know it's possible for all that want it ... because i have ... right here at destee!

Thank you for being here and sharing and teaching me and others Sister ... :love:

Love You! ... :kiss: :kiss: :kiss:



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