Black People : Ever thought you were right to find out years later you were wrong?

Yes, you should have asked him privately. As vocal as I was on campus, in class and out, I never challenged a professor, directly. I was not afraid to ask questions, and if I disagreed, I just took notes and in some cases met with them privately, or waited until my exams and made sure I had multiple sources to back up Amy point that I disagreed with. Maybe that's why I never ended up on academic probation or subject to dismissal. In graduate school I had at least two white professors, at different schools, who I had disagreements with. One low graded me and I had to essentially sit down and take an oral exam. That class was cross cultural foundations of education. The professor questioned whether or not I actually did the reading. I proved to him that I not only had done the reading but was using my own cultural background and experience and from that background critiquing his own. I couldn't do that in class. Of course, I passed. The other professor I had for two graduate level history classes. Since I was older than most of my classmates, and a social studies teacher, this guy picked on me all the time. He gave me a B- in one class because he said that he felt like I was holding back in class. Of course I was. I probably would have gotten a lower grade. It was a world civ. course. I couldn't argue to him that the basis of his western culture is in Africa.

In the first scenario, my Mom was upset with me because she kept telling me to just agree with the man and give him shat he wanted. It's want that simple. We used to watch films of white teachers and administrators interacting with students of color in inner city schools and critiquing their interaction and conversations. I was the only black student in that class. I noticed things that flew over the heads of my class mates. I think I got a B- in that class as well. Sometimes you have to take a stand, on principle. Sometimes you just have to read a situation and not let your ego get in the way. Peace.
Don't get me wrong, like I said, I know I used the wrong approached. But let me play devils advocate again here. BTW, I didn't tell him that the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. I told him that's what I thought, but I put it in the form of a question, out of respect. I guess that wasn't much different. But now that I think about it, I could have gotten him in trouble, if the only response he had was, "good theory". I mean this was Pearl Harbor were a lot of people died, and the attack that lead America into WW2, the same way 9-11 lead America into the War(s) today. On that note, I lost my best friend in 9-11 at the Pentagon. He was one of the Navy contractors who perished. They lost 44 in his group alone that morning. I'm sure he wouldn't appreciate a professor 50 years later teaching a history class as though 9-11 never happened because more white people died, and to prove how racist America still is.

I looked at his method of teaching that day as someone telling all these young black folks they better vote democrat, as though they weren't allowed to think for themselves, and the democratic had no flaws. I was like, can you tell us the truth without talking to us like children under hypnosis?

To give a more humorous analogy, I remember a brother telling me that when he went to his very first party as a teenager, he went in there dancing like the dancers did on Soul Train, because that's how he thought everybody really danced at parties. So in other words, he felt like a fool when he got home. To compare this to Professor Condo, what if he thought to prevent this from ever happening to another teen, he just taught that Soul Train never aired, and there was no such dance show. Maybe this wasn't the best analogy, but you don't leave out a real big part of history and any of it's direct effects it had, just to build your case. There were too many other examples of racism going on back then.

But with all said, I was still wrong with that approach, whether directly, or indirectly. But when you think about it, and when you realize where a lot of these HBCU's really get their funding, somebody could have gotten him in trouble, especially when the only response he had to my inquiry was, "good theory". If I knew he was going to drop me to a "C", and put me off the Deans List, plus try to CB between me and a pretty cute young sister who used to sit snugged shoulder to shoulder with me in every class, maybe I should have ratted on him. Okay let me snap out of it. I still should have used a different approach, or none at all.
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