Black People : Ever Had Your Blackness Challenged By a Complete Stranger, After You Were Grown?

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    I have, and I think I'm probably the only one at my age. And it happened only eight years ago, the same month I moved from the DMV to Atlanta. I was living in PG County, MD., which is connected to the right side of DC. Most people just consider PG as an extension of DC because of the higher black population rate, along with the gentrification going on in DC. But at the same time, parts of PG have more well off blacks than any other county in the U.S.A. My family moved to one of those well off parts after my freshman year in college. The area isn't what it was back then, but still more desirable than most of PG County. Anyway I got kicked out the house a year later, and lived all over PG after that.

    Anyway, I had bought my first house in 98' near an area that was once flooded with drugs in the mid to late 80's. Before that, it was a pretty nice area. At any rate, they cleaned out that area and built some new homes right outside that area. I took a chance and bought one of those homes. About two years later the drugs came back, and I found myself living in a new house in the hood, lol. The drugs didn't get as bad as it did in those mid 80's, but the crime seemed to have. I must have been the only one in my sub-division with a white collar job wearing a sportcoat, tie, and carrying a I was single. I was there for eight years. It wasn't exactly heaven, and man did I faced some jealousy issues, but I held my own for a brother in the hood wearing a tie every It felt like those whites on my IT job were wondering when would the day come that they would hear I was robbed and killed, which did happen to several in my category in that area. One of them actually worked somewhere in my agency, but I never met him.

    I was pretty much trapped there for a minute, but I kinda caught a break. Actually I was about to be fired from my job, so I did some soul searching, put a plan together, put my house on sale, and got prepared to move South to the ATL. But that week my house sold, it felt like I was being tested by the devil. I'm not going to get into the first incident, but I want to talk about the second incident, which is really the topic of this thread. I remember being on this high all that week because I was about to get out the hood and move to the ATL around some good ole Southern folks, lol. It was about late August and the summer was wounding down. I was shopping in the mall at this small black owned business that specialized in selling Linex T- Shirts. I always bought my T-Shirts there because they had the highest variety of colors. So I was trying to find a tanish- brown shirt to match my dark brown shorts. While I was searching, there was this tall slender brother who must have been about 6'7'' or 6'8'', who was standing next to me talking to the female cashier, but a little too loud to be standing that close to me. When you get my age, you can smell trouble a mile away. Then he blurted out to her, "When I try to look cute, I can't find anything to fit me"...and this wasn't no youngin. As a matter of fact, he was a little older than me I believe. I'm just not used to being around brothers his age carrying it like that. It sounded like that cat may have been locked up a little too long.

    Anyway, I was still pumped up about moving South, and I wasn't about to let anything spoil that, especially after I got through this other big brother purposely bumping into my shoulder several days ago as we were both entering a Subway sandwich shop across the road from that mall...something I only experienced once since I was 19. I told myself the devil didn't get me a few days ago, and he wasn't going to get me then. But at the same time, I wasn't about to let nobody intimidate me like I was some square in my first day of high school or something. So I paid that tall cat no mind, and found a Linex T-Shirt that looked tanish-brown. But I can't tell the difference between tanish-brown and caci sometimes, so I took the shirt to the cashier. But this same tall guy wounded up about several feet from the cashiers desk. I guess he knew her well or something. Anyway before I bought the shirt, I asked her in a joking jolly kind of way if the shirt was tanish-brown or caci. Then I threw a line that my late uncle used to use which was, "I can't tell". She told me it was tanish-brown. Then she wrung up the price, which was three dollars more than the rest of the shirts, which were already more expensive being Linex T-Shirts. So I jokingly told her the summer was almost over. Anyhow I went ahead and bought the shirt. But while I was paying the lady, that tall guy blurted out, "Good Job", and walked away. I looked at him like he was sick, and shook my head at the cashier. He was probably mad because he didn't intimidate me.

    If this is how they're acting in Chi-town too, then I see why so many black people get popped every weekend.
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