Black People : Ever Experienced Discrimination on the Job ?

Have you experienced race discrimination on the job?

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Jan 22, 2001
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Peace and Blessings Family,

We were having another discussion, and this topic, discrimination on the job, came up. I shared my own story, and it didn't take long before another Sister said she had experienced a like situation. Filing complaints, going to the EEOC, and ultimately quitting or being fired, after fighting to be able to provide for our Families.

I believe they keep us isolated, discouraged from sharing information, because it would be strength to us, to know that others have experienced the same. If we talk, we'll be able to share what works, what doesn't, and perhaps able to experience more successes in this arena ... the fight for equal and proper treatment on our jobs.

So ... i'm taking the cover off. Let's talk about it. Let's get some numbers together.

You know, there are very few of us that file complaints, that receive monetary compensation, promotions, etc., that make us whole. Every now and again, we'll hear a story about how someone won a large settlement, but i think that's just to keep us fighting. Like mice on a treadmill, we'll keep going, even though they know they'll never let us win. They have to have a few wins against them, otherwise, it looks way bad for them. So they give us those "cost of racism wins," while the rest of us remain in the fight or flight mode, with no hope of success.

I'm including a poll in this thread, because i want to see how many of us have experienced this, just from the small number here.

So please ... vote in the poll above, and include your comments and experiences below.

This discussion and poll is about race discrimination.

Thanks in advance.


ever experienced discrimination...

not quite,but years ago when i was young,single and didn't give a fruit,i had this little job and the old white lady i was working for came very close to calling me the[n]word,of course when i dropped my right hand into a fist in plain view she had a change of heart which was smart on her part..saved her a trip to intensive care and me a trip to prison,of course today i would just sue the pants off em but back then it was hit first ask questions later.
Yes, I have experienced it. And it was pretty intense with constant harassment. I was called in one time because of how some fake flowers were positioned on my desk, if you can believe it. But the thing was, although the source was a racist manager, it all came down through my black supervisor. I think this is their new tactic. A brother on another forum stated that he had received a promotion only to later find out they wanted him to fire some black employees.

I actually went to the EEOC twice. The first time they didn't find on my behalf. The investigation prompted the racist to promote me though. I went back again after I was fired and got the same song and dance. I believe you are right about them dangling a carrot in front of us, in terms of getting us to keep embarking on fruitless endeavors.

They always say to "report" discrimination. But if you do, they will really ride your axx until you are fired or you quit. Its all an illusion. The EEOC is a sham to keep us running around in circles. To he!! with trying to change them. Let's create our own businesses and use our talents to enrich each other instead of whitey.
This sister miscarried .....

A Whites-Only Bathroom on the First Coast?
BRUNSWICK, GA -- First Coast News has been investigating allegations that a major local company is guilty of racial discrimination.

Lisa Woods contacted us almost a year ago. She worked at Georgia-Pacific near Brunswick at the scaling house where truckers come to weigh their logs.

She says for months the restroom had a sign saying, "OUT OF ORDER." She alleges her co-worker, Anthony Lee, believed the races shouldn't mix. Lee had no comment.

An independent trucker, Donald Jones, says when he went to the scaling house he saw the same "OUT OF ORDER" sign.

Jones says, "I had to go off in the woods and do what I had to do."

But Lisa Wagner, a former security guard at the scaling house, says if a white truck driver came through, "No problem, no problem at all." Whites were invited to use the toilet, Wagner says.

Was the toilet really broken? First Coast News Jeannie Blaylock went to the scale house with a photographer to find out. She flushed the toilet and it seemed to be working just fine.

Several hours after our news crew stopped at the job site, Georgia-Pacific fired Woods.

Woods is suing Georgia-Pacific for racial and sexual discrimination.

She also alleges Lee put up a cartoon at the job site showing a pregnant monkey. Woods was pregnant at the time but later miscarried.

That miscarriage, verified by medical records from Southeast Georgia Health Systems, is also part of Woods' complaints. She says the company would not let her off from work, even though medical experts recommended she "rest at home for the next several days."

Wagner says, "She worked all day. I seen truckers in and and out...and her by herself working when she had a miscarriage the night before."

Woods alleges she sent numerous communications to the area human resource manager for Georgia-Pacific, but nothing changed.

Attorneys for Geogia-Pacific did not return our calls. But a company spokesperson sent us an email saying, "Georgia-Pacific had a legitimate basis for Ms. Wood's termination and we dispute all of her allegations. We will vigorously defend our position."
"I believe they keep us isolated, discouraged from sharing information, because it would be strength to us, to know that others have experienced the same. If we talk, we'll be able to share what works, what doesn't, and perhaps able to experience more successes in this arena ... the fight for equal and proper treatment on our jobs."

Clearly, playing by their rules isn't producing change and that's by design. So what to do? When this society shows us what we already know (it is racist and a part of the global system of racism) we have to develop better ways of dealing with the "proof" however it manifests itself. Shock, disbelief and anger should not be our first reaction. I have found that racists LOVE to get a rise out of us. It is when they cannot do so that they really get upset. Then they get off-balance and you can possibly use that to your advantage. Better to have the enemy not thinking straight than for you to be in the position of not thinking straight where they can use that against you. For example, if we "go-off" on them, immediately they have a reason to fire you, write you up or whatever they choose to do. When they cannot manipulate us so easily, it is to our advantage.



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