Black Poetry : EVEN THE ODDS


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Feb 15, 2007
Gainesville, Georgia
fast food
Aside from these other n*ggas
You can read my brain
Like he know this
And he know that
But you know everything
How could I tell you everything?
Thought we could make it through forever
So I told you everything
Didn’t think bout how you would handle my heart
Now you got it in your hand
And I’m afraid that you might tear it apart
So let’s even the odds
I refuse to be let in the dark
Give me you
From the start
Even if it’s rude remarks
I gotta know what I be facing
This is love,
Almost feel like I can taste it
But if its not
I guess I learn and have to find a replacement
I can’t be waiting on you to make up your mind
Boy, you just gotta make it
You know you know how to get to me
So you always try and fake it
And now im thinking bout the choice I’m making
And it’s making me feel like a fool
Thought I was just letting
You do you
And I never got an attitude
But now i'm doing what gotta do
Even though I’m used to you
If you don’t give me all of you
Everything you like to do with me
Will turn into what we used to do
Cause the girl who made it easy for you
Now is who i used to be
So you better get used to me
Unless you plan on loosing me


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